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Do narcissists make good leaders?

Brian Amble | 17 January 2014

Vision, confidence and pride in one's own accomplishments are all desirable leadership traits. But they're also signs of a narcissist. Which is why a new study has tried to come up with a definitive answer to the question: do narcissists make good leaders?

Confidence, security and leadership

Duane Dike | 16 January 2014

The link between security and performance is too often forgotten by those at the helm of organizations. No-one can function effectively in their role if they don't feel secure. And that's as true for leader-types as it is for everyone else.

Want to be a better leader? Learn to be poetic

Janet Howd | 06 January 2014

A key component of leadership is the ability to make sure that other people understand what you want from them. The best way to go about that is to use "the best words in the best order" - which happens to be Samuel Taylor Coleridge's description of poetry.

First among equals: a new approach to leadership

Sarah Alexander | 12 December 2013

Traditional management practices evolved during the industrial age. But while the world has moved on, management has been left behind. The 21st century demands a leadership model that isn't ego-led but based on 'Primus Inter Pares' - first among equals.

Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

Brian Bacon | 06 December 2013

Nelson Mandela's qualities and impact as a leader are indisputable. He was courageous and resolute. He was a pattern-breaker. His character and vision were profound. Yet, his most enduring legacy won't be what he did as much as what he didn't do.

Leading growth is an endurance sport

Alison Romney Eyring | 02 December 2013

Creating, sustaining and leading growth takes a lot more than big goals and hard work. If you want to lead sustained growth, train yourself and your team to think and act more like endurance athletes.

A simple apology increases trust

Brian Amble | 11 November 2013

Does your boss ever apologise if he or she has made a mistake? According to a new survey, half of employees feel that their boss never or rarely does, something that is affecting levels of trust in leaders and undermining employee engagement.

Personal brand, fiction and leadership

Duane Dike | 05 November 2013

The first impressions of our personal brands stick like glue. But the truth of who we are is a lot more complicated and perceived reality depends on who is watching and when. For leaders, that volatility is particularly important.

What makes a growth leader?

Alison Romney Eyring | 29 October 2013

Leading an organization through a period of rapid growth is hard work. But when that growth is taking place outside a company's home culture or market, growth leaders face even tougher challenges.

The Leadership challenges of virtual brainstorming

Wayne Turmel | 22 October 2013

Getting a remote team to innovate and generate ideas exercises a very particular set of leadership muscles. To be effective, you need to cultivate your situational awareness.

What Facebook tells us about the future of leadership

David Livermore | 15 October 2013

Hierarchy-agnostic, fast, autonomous and risk-taking, Facebook is also the first Millennial-run company in the Fortune 500. So how it approaches leadership development today is how others will approach it tomorrow.

Strong leadership undermines performance

Brian Amble | 03 October 2013

Far from pushing their organizations to greater levels of achievement, strong leaders who equate leadership with power actively undermine performance, new research has found.

Enough about leadership! It's time to remember how to be a good manager

Brian Amble | 26 September 2013

When we think about it, management really isn't that complicated. But over recent years, our obsession with 'leadership' has undermined the importance of hands-on management – often to the great detriment of organizations.

Too much or too little, ego undermines leadership

Cindy Wahler | 19 September 2013

Ego – either much or too little – is a prime leadership derailer, which is why assessing it needs to be a key component of the talent planning process.

Four myths of global leadership

David Livermore | 12 September 2013

The World isn't flat. So leadership can't be just about the values and style of the leader. To lead successfully across cultures and break the ties of ethnocentricity requires a real understanding of the values and preferences of followers.

Time out: why leaders need vacations

Duane Dike | 26 August 2013

Why do so many leader-types refuse to take proper holidays? Fresh back from a well-earned break, Duane Dike wonders what message that sends and explores the roadblocks – perceived or actual – that stop us leaving the office behind.

How to fail as a leader

Peter Vajda | 13 August 2013

Leadership is impossible without self-knowledge and self-development. But if you're really set on failing as a leader, here are some key behaviors that will go a long way towards creating a toxic, disengaged, distrustful and low-performing organization. Do any of them describe you?

Leadership, face time and videoconferencing

Wayne Turmel | 31 July 2013

You don't always have to meet face-to-face. But equally, you can't expect to be an effective leader or manager if you rely entirely on videoconferencing. In the real world, it isn't a simple choice of one or the other, but more 'how' and 'when'.

Leadership, systems and knowledge

Duane Dike | 24 June 2013

Real leadership is about systems, not sound-bites. Leaders need to understand the relationships between systems. Every decision, every move, every hallway-passing interaction interconnects with other people's personal systems, with results that are sometimes not pretty.

Task-oriented vs social-minded leaders

Duane Dike | 11 March 2013

In contrast to social-minded (aka transformational) leaders, task-oriented leaders (aka micro-managers) are all about measurement, comparison and control. And the inevitable result of this is that they refuse to let people get on and do their jobs.

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