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The only person holding you back is you

Dan Bobinski | 23 April 2013

When it comes to achieving success, you may fall short if you merely focus your thoughts on being successful. You greatly increase the likelihood of success when you 'see' yourself succeeding.

The Applebee's debacle

Dan Bobinski | 05 February 2013

This past week a server was fired from Applebee's for violating the company's social media policy. Since then, a firestorm has erupted, with tens of thousands of people saying they won't eat at Applebee's anymore unless the company rehires the server. Here's my take on the situation.

Thoughts on first impressions

Dan Bobinski | 18 December 2012

In the past, whenever I've returned to the United States after travelling abroad, I've always been glad to get home. But this year, for the first time in my life, the way I've seen U.S. airport employees treat the public has made me embarrassed for America.

Five ways to help your sales team

Dan Bobinski | 27 November 2012

Selling is wrought with failure, rejection, and frustration. That's why your sales team needs to be nurtured, encouraged and supported. It might take a little effort, but remember, if your sales stop, so does your business.

The ripple effects of workplace lies

Dan Bobinski | 13 November 2012

Few things are more frustrating than suffering the consequences that stem from someone's lies. People lie for a myriad of reasons. But whatever the motivation, lies have ripple effects that can cause damage throughout an organization.

How to fail as a boss

Dan Bobinski | 22 October 2012

Holding the title of 'boss' doesn't mean you have the right to act like a dictator or a jerk. Life is not a continuation of how you acted in high school. You're in a real world of real people who want to contribute. Your job is to put off childish ways and start treating others with respect.

What is your true calling?

Dan Bobinski | 08 October 2012

What were you meant to do with your life? What is your passion? Are you currently working in your true vocation? If not, perhaps you would benefit from taking time to rethink your core reason for being.

Want to get promoted? You need new skills

Dan Bobinski | 02 October 2012

In many organizations, leaders seem to assume that managers should automatically know how to get along with and how to train others. Sadly, this isn't true. Management skills rarely come via osmosis.

What your people really want

Dan Bobinski | 14 August 2012

One of the biggest gripes many of us have about work is that our organizations won't put policies and practices in place to support their own goals. That means they aren't open and forthright about their direction and don't seek input from staff before making important decisions.

Turtles only advance when they stick their neck out

Dan Bobinski | 08 August 2012

The world is full of insightful quotes. It's one thing to agree with them. It's something more to incorporate their truth into our lives. What I like about many quotes is that they reflect universal principles of success, and who in their right mind doesn't want more of that?

Stop the blame game

Dan Bobinski | 18 July 2012

When something goes wrong, the first thing many people do is look for someone to blame. But this isn't just ineffectual, it's a sign of weak leadership. If people want to step up and be leaders, they should stop blaming and start looking for solutions.

Another one bites the dust

Dan Bobinski | 28 June 2012

Too many organizations take valuable employees and set them up to bite the dust. How? Because they don't have a clear-cut plan for equipping newly-promoted employees with the skills they need to succeed in their positions.

Customers: love 'em or lose 'em

Dan Bobinski | 18 June 2012

Do you ever wonder how many customers your business may have lost due to customer service blunders? Statistics show that after only two negative incidents at any place of business, people are likely to shop elsewhere Ė which makes customer satisfaction a more important goal than ever.

The ripple effects of inefficient management

Dan Bobinski | 24 May 2012

Today. more than ever, managers need to plan and coordinate for efficiency, not with efficiency. Note the difference between the two: the former results in profits; the latter in costly mistakes.

Steer clear of extremes or everyone loses

Dan Bobinski | 17 May 2012

Few things are more frustrating than being on the short end of an unfair situation. And since those claiming to be the '99 percent' are making a lot of noise about how unfair things are, let's examine what they're taking about.

Before you wing it, count the costs

Dan Bobinski | 03 May 2012

The biggest mistakes in business are usually made when leaders react instead of act. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs simply try to 'wing it' 24/7, and although they may be getting by, they usually aren't thriving.

Say "no thanks" to new farm rules

Dan Bobinski | 26 April 2012

Too often, the well-intended efforts of government agencies are vulnerable to the law of unintended consequences. And those include many negative ripple-effects, particularly when safety is concerned..

The evolution of resumes: are you keeping up?

Dan Bobinski | 11 April 2012

The workplace is changing and the use, style and format of resumes is changing along with it. So let's take a look at where you might be on the evolutionary timeline and where we might be heading in future.

What does it mean to put someone on probation?

Dan Bobinski | 30 March 2012

Being a manager carries a lot of responsibilities and putting someone on probation is a huge deal. But the outcome of that choice is more on your shoulders than you may realize. Because it's the manager's job to find a way to help a problem employee, not the other way round.

Women in leadership: beware the barriers

Dan Bobinski | 20 March 2012

The idea of a glass ceiling is real, but it isn't glass and it's not really a ceiling. A more accurate picture might be a tangled web of trip hazards and barriers, notably around gender-based stereotypes.

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