Managing tomorrow’s flexible workforce

Management-Issues | 12 Nov 2020

As companies increasingly source talent for specific pieces of work, how can they manage an increasingly complex 'quantum' workforce?

Returning to work: what do employees actually want?

Nicola Hunt | 21 Sep 2020

What are offices going to look like in a post-pandemic world? How can they become safe and productive spaces?

Can employers demand staff take a COVID-19 test?

Nicola Hunt | 18 Aug 2020

Could a compulsory Covid-19 test become part of our regular working routine? In this Q&A, we ask two UK lawyers about the complex legal issues employers need to consider.

Staying afloat: USA Weightlifting

Nicola Hunt | 14 Aug 2020

USA Weightlifting’s CEO, Phil Andrews, explains how his organisation has managed to stay afloat during the pandemic.

6 out 10 worry about returning to work

Nicola Hunt | 05 Jun 2020

As many as six out of 10 employees in the UK who are now working from home are nervous about the prospect of having to go back to their usual workplace after the lockdown is lifted, a new survey has found.

Staying afloat: The Evergreen Agency

Nicola Hunt | 22 May 2020

How are small businesses surviving the pandemic, the lockdown and working from home? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be finding out how companies in different sectors are coping.

Pivots, pirouettes and silver linings

Nicola Hunt | 19 May 2020

How have companies whose business models were made obsolete overnight managed to ride out the coronavirus storm?

The great COVID divide

Nicola Hunt | 04 May 2020

As the COVID lockdown continues, a new UK survey finds a-near equal split between positive and negative employee emotions, but with big rises in anxiety and stress and growing fears about finances.

Employee wellness falling by the wayside

Nicola Hunt | 28 Apr 2020

Most businesses are failing to look after employee wellness while they work from home during the coronavirus lockdown, according to new research.

The aches and pains of homeworking

Nicola Hunt | 23 Apr 2020

Half of those now working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic are experiencing physical pain due to poor home office set-ups, a new survey has found.

Home workers struggle with isolation

Nicola Hunt | 23 Apr 2020

A sense of isolation caused by a the loss of interaction with work colleagues is one of the biggest issues people are having to deal with whilst working from home.

Homeworking feels good - and people don't want it to stop

Nicola Hunt | 20 Apr 2020

Almost seven in ten workers feel they are either more productive or equally productive working from home, but many fear that their employers will probably want to return to the status quo once the pandemic is over.

Working from home exposes cyber security flaws

Nicola Hunt | 17 Apr 2020

The mass move to working from home has exposed gaping holes in companies' cyber security risk management, new research has warned.

Management and meaning

Brian Amble | 08 Jun 2016

Managers don’t have any role in creating a sense of meaningfulness at work, new research suggests. But bad management can certainly destroy it.

The flip-side of ethical conduct

Brian Amble | 18 Feb 2016

Doing what right - as opposed to what's profitable - isn’t always easy. What’s more, new research has found, ethical behaviour can also have an ugly flip-side.

Over a barrel: paying the price for cheap oil

Isabelle Chaboud | 13 Jan 2016

The oil companies have had to take out loans, slash investment and sell assets to deal with the plunge in the price of oil. At the same time, shareholder payouts have been maintained. But for how long?

Pfizer, Allergan and fiscal sleight of hand

Isabelle Chaboud | 04 Dec 2015

The potential merger of Pfizer and Allergan might create the world's largest pharmaceutical company, but it will also make Pfizer the biggest tax deserter in U.S. history.

Taking the fight to ISIS

Jean-François Fiorina | 24 Nov 2015

“France is at war,” President Francois Hollande declared last week after the attacks on Paris. But declaring war is just the start. War requires a a 'war effort', and that raises a host of other questions.

Leadership development still missing the mark

Brian Amble | 22 Oct 2015

Organisations throw billions at leadership development but as a new study highlights, they still seem unable to develop better leaders.

Diversity at the top: are companies walking the talk?

Brian Amble | 06 Oct 2015

Public companies in the world’s leading economies earn an increasing proportion of their revenues from outside their home countries. But does their leadership reflect this global reality?