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Now is all there is

Peter Vajda | 04 August 2014

Do you live in the moment or are you always waiting for a future that might never arrive? The thing is, ‘now’ is all there is and if you don’t appreciate that, you’re missing out on your life.

Silencing your inner critic

Peter Vajda | 18 July 2014

Inside every one of us there is a little voice that criticizes, judges and shames us, telling us that we’re deficient, bad or wrong. It’s merciless, damaging and it needs to be silenced.

Are you a firecracker or a dud?

Peter Vajda | 04 July 2014

On this holiday weekend in the midst of fireworks and fun, how about taking a moment to reflect on how you're doing as a leader, manager or supervisor. Are you a sparkling firecracker or a fizzling dud?

Integrity, balance and self-deception

Peter Vajda | 27 June 2014

Many people can tell you what they’re doing in their lives but are hard-pressed to explain why. They lack real purpose. They’re disconnected and out of balance. And without a conscious alignment between what they think, feel, say and do, they also lack any real integrity.

Are you on the road to burnout?

Peter Vajda | 23 May 2014

The road to burnout is paved with good intentions. So if you're an idealistic, hardworking, self-motivating achiever with high aspirations and expectations, don't make the mistake of thinking that it can't happen to you.

Whose success is it anyway?

Peter Vajda | 09 May 2014

Most of us aspire to succeed. But what does that mean? It's no use trying to emulate somebody else's idea of success. Being successful requires a conscious exploration of what success means to you. It's far more than just achieving results.

A culture of fear

Peter Vajda | 24 March 2014

For all the talk of organizational values and integrity, many people experience life at work caught up in a culture of fear. Fear of losing their jobs, fear of being judged, fear of making mistakes or fear of pointing out inappropriate behaviour.

You know best

Peter Vajda | 10 March 2014

No-one else knows what's best for us. So advising others, educating others, making decisions for them, plotting and planning their journey and crafting their strategy for moving forward is not our responsibility, nor should it be.

The fear of not knowing

Peter Vajda | 14 February 2014

Many of us over-emphasize how much we know and feel that not knowing something is unacceptable. When was the last time you admitted that you don't know something and felt completely at ease with saying it?

Collusion, culture and bad management

Peter Vajda | 23 January 2014

Does your workplace have a culture of collusion? Are you happy to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds to ensure a quiet life? If so, beware. Collusion is a progressive drug. We need to lie and collude more and more to maintain that false feeling of emotional safety

Embracing change

Peter Vajda | 15 January 2014

We've all heard the expression 'change is the one constant in life.' Every day we experience change in some way. But for many, change is unsettling, bringing with it feelings of insecurity, instability and disharmony - fears that can all be overcome.

Finding inner peace in 2014

Peter Vajda | 30 December 2013

Far from being at peace, many of us seem to go through life in a state of conflict, agitation, upset, stress or overwhelm. Here are some ways to change that and start finding some inner peace in 2014.

Emotional intelligence or emotional maturity?

Peter Vajda | 26 November 2013

Much of the talk about the importance of emotional intelligence is missing the point if we fail to deal with the root causes of our emotional reactivity. In fact it's not emotional intelligence that really matters, but emotional maturity.

The need to please

Peter Vajda | 21 November 2013

People who are always trying to please others seldom do. In fact more often than not, their behavior is counter-productive. So what about you? Are you a people-pleaser?

Why is gossip such a tough habit to quit?

Peter Vajda | 11 November 2013

We often forget that gossip is a form of workplace violence and under-estimate the harm it can do. But why is gossip so pervasive and such a tough habit to quit? Peter Vajda investigates.

The moment I wake up

Peter Vajda | 25 October 2013

When we wake up in the morning, there is a nano-second between the moment we regain consciousness and the moment the thinking kicks in. It's a moment that reveals much about us. But have you ever tried exploring it?

Substance vs form

Peter Vajda | 21 October 2013

One of life's most important personal growth experiences is discovering the difference between form - the outer self - and substance - the inner self.

How to fail as a leader

Peter Vajda | 13 August 2013

Leadership is impossible without self-knowledge and self-development. But if you're really set on failing as a leader, here are some key behaviors that will go a long way towards creating a toxic, disengaged, distrustful and low-performing organization. Do any of them describe you?

The fear of closing doors

Peter Vajda | 07 August 2013

Do you wear crazy-busy as a merit badge? Have you ever thought that it might be a good idea to slow down and not try to keep every possible option open? Or does that thought fill you with dread that you'll miss out on something?

Talk, talk, talk

Peter Vajda | 26 July 2013

One of the most irritating elements of work is not just the number of unnecessary meetings,but the incessant, aimless talk that never seems to go away and seldom leads anywhere. It's rather like endlessly moving the furniture around in a room.

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