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March brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 05 March 2012

This month, some thoughts about taking risks, inspiration to help you overcome obstacles and barriers to creativity, a new take on the 'to-do' list and some words of wisdom from Bruce Lee.

February brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 14 February 2012

This month, Jurgen explores how you can tame your big idea, reveals some surprising new findings that could change your view on when you are at your most creative, suggests some unusual ideas for presents and stands up for introverts in an increasingly noisy world.

January brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 16 January 2012

To get your new year off to a good start, I have tried to find some good meaty ideas – including how to make this the year you actually stick to your resolutions.

December Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 15 December 2011

This month, some year-end ideas and inspirations, including how to make a different kind of gift list, some thoughts about Leonardo daVinci and Thomas Edison, how your flaws can become your strengths and assumptions that you can leave behind next year.

November brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 16 November 2011

As we move toward the end of the year I have another round-up of ideas I hope you'll find useful, starting with something I know a lot about - making mistakes!

October Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 12 October 2011

This month, kids and creativity, creative solutions in a different field, some outrageous ideas from Edward de Bono, some ideas to help you play – and some ideas to help you work.

September brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 20 September 2011

This month, some ways to overcome the fears that are holding you back, the power of the absurd, how combining opposites can deliver break-through ideas and discovering the Zeigarnik effect.

July brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 05 July 2011

This month, how to be creative while you wait, how to cultivate and confirm a new habit, finding out whether it is time to reinvent yourself and an examination of the power of the ridiculous.

June brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 16 June 2011

This month, how laughing helps problem-solving, why you should use a matrix, an online tool to help you reach your goals, the power of smartphones and why it's never too late to achieve your life's ambition.

May brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 12 May 2011

Spring! A great time for cleaning out old clothes, old stuff, even old beliefs that no longer serve you. You could even try changing the way you think – but just be careful not to have too many ideas!

April Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 05 April 2011

Now is a great time to take stock, clear out what we don't need anymore, and use the energizing power of the season to get started on some new creative projects.


Jurgen Wolff | 03 March 2011

This time, Jurgen encourages you to revisit those abandoned New Year resolutions, explores the power of visualization, explains why 'yes' means 'no' and tries to harness his butterfly mind.

November Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 16 November 2010

This time, Jurgen examines the power of stupid ideas, learns about innovation from Thomas Edison, helps you identify if you are a perfectionist and explores the persuasion principle.

October Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 22 October 2010

This month, Jurgen discusses how to create an idea locker, how to be happy, a better way to organizing your work and how to break an insanity cycle - as well as how to know whether you're stuck in one.

September Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 24 September 2010

It's September, almost October, time to start giving some thought to what you want to be feeling when this year ends. Will you be pleased with what you've done? Think about that while we explore some more interesting and unusual ways to boost your creativity.

August Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 31 August 2010

This month, more tips and techniques to boost your creativity, exploding an old communication myth, exploring the power of words and how treating a difficult situation as an opportunity to experiment can yield some surprising results.

Summer Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 20 July 2010

This time, we explore a process to improve innovation, learn from Pixar about the importance of changing direction and muse on whether you are asking the right questions.

May Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 13 May 2010

This time, some advice on how to give you brain a boost, a simple idea that could that turn your business around, self-improvement lessons from Benjamin Franklin and a perplexing question: do you give your dog more treats than you give yourself?

April Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 14 April 2010

This month, Jurgen explores the power of the absurd, how to overcome procrastination, why you should go for evolution, not revolution and why brainstorming in a group can actually limit the range of ideas and solutions that arise.

March Brainstorm

Jurgen Wolff | 04 March 2010

This month, advice on tapping into your 'Inner Google', how to embark on a one-day revolution, getting off to a strong start and the subtle pleasure of being an amateur.

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