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Fit enough to quit?

Malcolm Parker | 11 September 2015

We all know that physical activity is good for us and that fitter employees are happier and more productive. But fitness can help with job mobility too - and that can be positive for both individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Keep the rust at bay

Chris Welford | 01 April 2015

We’re all familiar with the concept of burn-out that comes from facing excessive demands without the resources to cope with them. But being under-stimulated can be just as destructive. So let’s explore the effects of ‘rust-out’, burn-out’s less well-known cousin.

Dominance could kill you

Brian Amble | 23 March 2015

If you think that that aggressive, competitive behaviour is the way to get ahead, think again. Because according to new research, a hostile-dominant personality increases the risk of heart disease and could shorten your life.

Three steps for surviving a sick organization

Peter Vajda | 14 November 2014

How can individuals can survive in a dysfunctional workplace? Here's a simple but powerful approach that can help you find more peace of mind and reduce the stress caused by a toxic working environment.

Stress, engagement and productivity

Brian Amble | 05 September 2014

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower levels of engagement, are less productive and have higher absentee levels than those not operating under excessive pressure, new research has found.

Are you on the road to burnout?

Peter Vajda | 23 May 2014

The road to burnout is paved with good intentions. So if you're an idealistic, hardworking, self-motivating achiever with high aspirations and expectations, don't make the mistake of thinking that it can't happen to you.

Standing up on the job

Janet Howd | 19 May 2014

Human beings are designed to stand on their two legs. So standing up and moving around during our working day makes a job more interesting as well as being better for our physical and mental health.

Is your wellness program sick and tired?

Jon Denoris | 20 March 2014

Many employers feel duty-bound to offer some sort of 'wellness' program. But many of these are stale, predictable and ineffective. So here's a strategy to refocus and re-energize both your progam and your people.

Google, open minds and extended life

Janet Howd | 09 December 2013

Google's launch of Calico earlier this year to seek new ways to fight the aging process was met with some amusement and much skepticism. But the business plan of this novel venture is by no means novelty-based.

Workaholism: hard but not smart

Brian Amble | 07 November 2013

Workaholics may work hard, but they don't work smart. In fact according to a new Italian study, thanks to the mental and physical strain they put themselves under, workaholics tend to have poor job performance.

When should you quit a toxic company?

Linnda Durrée | 05 September 2013

Do you sacrifice your health, ethics and conscience by tolerating a toxic workplace? It's just not worth it. As Janis Joplin said, 'don't compromise yourself. It's all you've got.'

The fear of closing doors

Peter Vajda | 07 August 2013

Do you wear crazy-busy as a merit badge? Have you ever thought that it might be a good idea to slow down and not try to keep every possible option open? Or does that thought fill you with dread that you'll miss out on something?

Depression link to long hours and overwork

Brian Amble | 05 August 2013

Employees who work long hours and are habitually overworked are a staggering 15 times more likely than average to develop depression, a new Japanese study has found.

Smokers need not apply

Brian Amble | 05 March 2013

A Florida healthcare provider has announced that new hires at seven of its hospitals must not use tobacco in any form – even in the privacy of their own homes.

Bring mental ill-health out into the open

Gavin Bates | 02 August 2012

In the workplace, just as in society in general, mental health issues are something of a taboo. They just don't get discussed – but since when has ignoring something ever made it go away?

A positive difference

Brian Amble | 26 March 2012

Workplace counselling services can make a significant and lasting improvement to the lives of people with work-related stress and other problems, new research has found.

Vocal support

Janet Howd | 08 March 2012

Our voice can't be expected to perform at its best if it is asked to do so for hours on end or if it is pushed constantly to the furthest limits of pitch or volume. What it needs is a little support.

Blowing smoke

Dan Bobinski | 07 February 2012

Soon you might get fired eating too many Krispy Kreme donuts. Why? To save on health care costs, your company has instituted a policy that allows them to fire overweight people. OK, so this is fictional for now - but for how much longer?

Top tips for spirituality in the workplace

Nicola Hunt | 08 December 2011

Even in the mainstream business environment, dealing with the challenges of the working day actually offers a great playground and outlet for developing our spiritual selves and for sharing our light with others.

Happier, healthier flexible workplaces

Brian Amble | 08 December 2011

Flexible workplace initiatives aren't just window-dressing. Flexibility brings with it improvements in employees' health and well-being, reduces absenteeism rates and boosts employee commitment.

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