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Middle-aged managers most vulnerable to redundancy

Nic Paton | 14 July 2009

With new research suggesting that it may be 2013 before we start to see any significant upturn in employment, middle-aged managers in their 40s and 50s will remain especially vulnerable to the axe.

Chief executives suddenly more confident

Nic Paton | 10 July 2009

No one expects the next six months to be easy, but in a sign that the economy may be picking up, confidence among U.S chief executives has improved sharply.

The unacceptable face of the downturn

Derek Torres | 17 June 2009

From Southern California, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune tells us that job security is taking a hit. No kidding!

Most companies still focused on survival, not recovery

Nic Paton | 16 June 2009

The number of organisations with their backs to the wall and fighting for survival seems to be on the decrease. But to describe this as an economic recovery is probably still premature.

European managers frozen in recessionary headlights

Nic Paton | 03 June 2009

Half of managers expect the global economy to recover next year. Yet a lack of foresight by European businesses means they risk being left behind by better-prepared Asia-Pacific economies.

Graduate jobs market worst for a decade

Nic Paton | 27 May 2009

Final year students and graduates should enjoy their last few weeks of college life while they can. Because finding a job this summer is going to be very, very hard.

Demand for UK managers showing signs of recovery

Nic Paton | 14 May 2009

The economic picture may still be grim, but British managers can take heart from signs that when it comes to landing a new job, they are in with more of a chance than many of their contemporaries elsewhere.

Jobs' woes unlikely to end anytime soon

Nic Paton | 07 May 2009

Confidence may gradually be returning but, when it comes to jobs, organizations can still expect to be saying goodbye to many more valued employees over the coming weeks and months.

Could green shoots see companies hiring again?

Nic Paton | 23 April 2009

Business leaders are becoming cautiously optimistic that the worst of the recession may be behind us Ė and they may even soon start hiring people again.

The end of the beginning?

Nic Paton | 31 March 2009

Pinch yourself, it may even be true. Some business leaders, bankers, politicians and members of the public are starting to feel a little more optimistic about the economy.

Sign of the times

Derek Torres | 24 March 2009

In another sign of the times, I came across this article about debt collectors trying to reach out to clients (isn't that a nice way of putting it?) at their place of business in order to collect on late payments.

No more mr nice guy?

Nic Paton | 04 March 2009

With fear of redundancy now gripping many workplaces, more and more of us are prepared to put up with unacceptable behaviour from managers. But that still doesn't mean it is the right way to act in the long run.

Are layoffs finally bottoming out?

Nic Paton | 27 February 2009

Organisations may still be desperate to cut costs, but there are signs that many have now completed their wave of mass layoffs and redundancies - for now at least.

Time to cheer up

Nic Paton | 03 February 2009

Yes we all know things are bad, but with two thirds of CEOs confident their revenues will increase this year and more than nine out of 10 optimistic about the three-year picture, perhaps we need to stop being so gloomy.

The challenge of enforced idleness

Nic Paton | 20 January 2009

Firms large and small and on both sides of the Atlantic are looking at shorter working weeks and reduced hours as a desperate alternative to redundancies.

Stop the bad news, we want to get off

Nic Paton | 14 January 2009

Can it get any grimmer? With Barclays and Bank of America shedding thousands of jobs, U.S unemployment continuing to rise sharply and even local councils now shedding staff, the answer unfortunately is yes.

What hope for 2009?

Derek Torres | 31 December 2008

As we look to 2009, it's hard to stay positive and hope that the worst is behind us. Personally, in bad economic times, I like to re-focus on my job to make sure that I'm doing the best job I can.

Mergers of necessity the theme for 2009

Brian Amble | 29 December 2008

With economic conditions in 2009 set to get even tougher, expect to see a swathe of 'mergers of necessity' as companies in financial trouble are snapped up by larger, stronger players.

Welcome to the new austerity

Nic Paton | 15 December 2008

For any manager who actually got a bonus this year, the best advice is probably 'don't spend it all at once, because it may be the last one you get for sometime'.

CFOs dash for cash

Nic Paton | 27 November 2008

As the stark reality of the global downturn becomes clear, chief finance officers are fundamentally revising their cash-flow forecasts and desperately looking at ways to raise or hang on to cash.

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