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Global migration the new management challenge

Nic Paton | 24 September 2008

Western businesses will have to look to emerging economies to plug their skills gaps as their own workforces age and shrink creating a whole new set of management challenges.

UK firms failing to recruit international leaders

Nic Paton | 30 July 2008

In the global business world it makes sense to recruit internationally-focused executives and leaders. So why do only a fifth of British employers agree?

Outsourcing is harder to manage than you may think

Nic Paton | 23 July 2008

Outsourcing is much more complicated than simply shunting an IT function from the West to India or the Far East as well as being much more challenging to manage.

Chinese managers underestimated by West

Nic Paton | 23 June 2008

Complacent Westerners are seriously underestimating the threat posed by an up-and-coming generation of ambitious, well educated and imaginative Chinese managers.

Rising costs hit offshoring

Derek Torres | 18 June 2008

With the cost of an employee in India now aything up to $US 60k per year, many multinational companies are starting to rethink their offshore plans.

Fear of offshoring worse than the reality

Nic Paton | 09 June 2008

The fear may be all too real, but Western workers who assume their jobs are threatened by impossibly low-wage competition from India and the Far East are often simply wrong.

Law of unexpected consequences

Bryan Alaspa | 11 April 2008

Time once again to visit the Corporate Cynic as he takes an in-depth look at the unintended effects of outsourcing.

U.S workers fear for their jobs as Indian salaries boom

Nic Paton | 22 February 2008

As Indian workers are toasting record pay rises, their counterparts in America are bracing themselves for a wave of job cuts.

Today's leaders are the global generation

Nic Paton | 22 February 2008

Today's up-and-coming business leaders are a 'global generation' unhindered by barriers of geography, culture or communication but lacking in business education.

China to overtake U.S. as driver of world economy

Nic Paton | 25 January 2008

China's emergence as a powerhouse of technological innovation may mean it soon overtakes the U.S. as the principal driver of the world's economy.

British CEOs are a declining species

Nic Paton | 16 January 2008

With four out of 10 of the UK's top chief executives now coming from abroad, there are concerns that UK firms are not doing enough to develop home-grown talent.

An Interview with Richard D'Aveni

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer | 11 January 2008

Professor Richard D'Aveni has been described as a combination of Henry Kissinger and Sun Tzu. He talks to Stuart Crainer about his work and the challenges posed by emerging economies.

Indian workers are getting younger

Derek Torres | 10 January 2008

I've been blogging quite a bit about India in the past few weeks, noticing in particular how they're slowly but surely adopting not just the best, but also the worst aspects of Western culture.

The many faces of employee engagement

Nic Paton | 09 January 2008

For Britons and Americans it is all about respect. For Indians and French it is the type of work they are doing. For the Japanese, it is pay. Employee engagement takes many different forms around the world.

Go forth and speak English

Derek Torres | 06 December 2007

The British Council, long known for their promotion of proper English skills the world over, is taking a bold new initiative, which could have quite an impact across Asia.

Raw deal for India's IT pros

Derek Torres | 25 October 2007

Paging through the Times of India, I wasn't surprised to read a headline claiming that Indian IT professionals are among the worst paid in the world.

Overwork hits Indian health

Derek Torres | 28 September 2007

As the incidence of work-related disease rises in India, Isn't it time to admit that human beings are not meant to work 12-16 hour days 6-7 days a week just to boost the bottom lines of companies thousands of miles away?

US firms slow to break down language barrier

Brian Amble | 25 July 2007

In this era of instant global communications, American companies are far less adept at global brand management than their European counterparts. And they're suffering as a result.

Inequality fuels globalization backlash

Brian Amble | 23 July 2007

A popular backlash is growing throughout the world's most developed economies against economic globalization, large corporations and excessive executive pay.

The new generation of entrepreneurs

Nic Paton | 19 July 2007

A generation of thrusting young entrepreneurs from emerging economies are snapping at the heels of today's stuffy Western business leaders who need to be careful that they don't get left behind.

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