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Paying your staff to quit

Bryan Alaspa | 15 July 2008

Shoe manufacturer Zappos has a reputation for treating their employees well. They also have a unique policy for new hires. They pay them to quit.

American graduates facing jobs scramble

Nic Paton | 12 June 2008

With the employment market looking tougher by the day, nearly half of American students graduating from college this summer expect to have to fight tooth and nail to land a job.

Management jobs harder to come by

Nic Paton | 04 April 2008

Three quarters of execs looking for jobs in America are reporting a slowdown in the number of interviews coming their way - a clear sign the downturn is reaching right to the top.

Finance officers taking axe to budgets and jobs

Nic Paton | 01 April 2008

Fewer than a fifth of American chief financial officers are optimistic the U.S will escape a recession, and the deepening downturn is prompting them to cut back on spending and hiring and start laying workers off.

When does talent trump experience?

Myra White | 05 March 2008

Traditionally, experience and expertise have tended to trump talent. But in today's work environment, aptitude for a particular type of work may be more important. But how do you decide the balance between the two?

Smoke, mirrors and head-hunting

Brian Amble | 06 February 2008

If you're serious about getting to the top of the corporate ladder, the chances are that somewhere along the way you're going to need the services of a head-hunter.

Executive jobs to ride out economic woes

Nic Paton | 04 February 2008

Just because the pessimists are predicting the U.S. economy is all set to hit the buffers doesn't mean that senior level executive jobs are drying up. Far from it, in fact.

Talent shortages adding to recession fears

Nic Paton | 24 January 2008

It is not only the dark clouds of global recession keeping senior managers awake at night. The chronic lack of talent coming through at the top is becoming an ever more pressing concern.

How to hire, train, and retain great employees

Dan Bobinski | 09 January 2008

Accurate job descriptions are like stealth secret weapons for hiring, training, and retaining great employees. I guarantee whatever effort you put forth will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Attraction of flexible working ignored by HR

Nic Paton | 08 November 2007

It's not rocket science. When employees are deciding whether or not to take a new job, being able to work flexibly or remotely will often swing the balance. But try telling that to HR.

Credit squeeze threatens jobs market

Brian Amble | 07 November 2007

The credit crunch is beginning to cast its shadow over the jobs market, with the number of Britons placed in permanent jobs growing at its slowest rate for more than a year.

The rights and wrongs of cyber-vetting

Dan Bobinski | 22 October 2007

As with most of life, there are two perspectives around employers tapping into social networking sites to check out current or potential employees.

Cyber-vetting managers face backlash

Nic Paton | 18 October 2007

Firms that tap into Facebook to check out employees risk a backlash if they are found out, with nearly half of workers saying they would be outraged if they found they were being 'cyber vetted'.

Bad credit score can show you the interview door

Nic Paton | 17 September 2007

It's not only Northern Rock investors in the UK who should be worried about the global crunch on credit. Defaulting on a loan, mortgage or credit card can also seriously harm your chances of landing a new job.

Stock still the Holy Grail of executive compensation

Nic Paton | 17 September 2007

The granting of stock remains one of corporate America's most powerful financial thank-yous, with some executive teams now owning as much as eight per cent of the company.

Scientists predict management success

Brian Amble | 14 September 2007

A new method of predicting who is likely to succeed in a managerial role and who is likely to fail could herald a revolution in the way that organizations recruit and groom the managers of the future.

CFOs ignoring finance talent crisis

Nic Paton | 13 September 2007

Employers around the world are facing a talent crisis in their finance departments, yet many chief finance officers are too busy studying their spreadsheets to have worked out what to do about it.

Rise of the Oliver Twist worker

Nic Paton | 06 September 2007

The days of being grateful for what you are offered by an employer are long gone. Today, talented workers are prepared to ask for big bucks to take up a job offer.

Poor interviewers driving away talent

Brian Amble | 09 August 2007

Many organizations are fatally undermining their recruitment and retention efforts because inept or downright rude interviewers are making a negative first impression with job seekers.

Employers spending their way out of talent crisis

Nic Paton | 24 July 2007

British firms are throwing more money than ever into recruitment as the struggle to find, recruit and retain talented workers gets tougher by the month.

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