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America set to clock off for Obama

Nic Paton | 19 January 2009

Recession or not, for most Americans tomorrow's inauguration of Barack Obama will be a time to down-tools and celebrate a moment of history.

A seasonal message

Derek Torres | 12 December 2008

Drink-driving after the company party is bad. Very bad. And so is getting smashed, behaving badly and then having to deal with the unintended consequences the next day.

How much personal business at work is reasonable?

Dan Bobinski | 14 November 2008

The average worker apparently spends approximately two hours each day taking care of personal matters. So why is so much personal business being done at work? And what - if anything - should we do about it?

A toxic environment

Derek Torres | 21 October 2008

Another negative effect of the declining economy is the increasing number of violent acts at work.

Why work is like school

Bryan Alaspa | 16 September 2008

Sometimes the way things go on at work is enough to makew you wonder whether you're really still in high school.

Are you an office prat?

Derek Torres | 03 September 2008

Are you the guy at the office who thinks that acting like an idiot is something you should be proud of? Do you think it's funny to take your kit off at company parties? If so, according to Australian work and behavior experts, you may well be the office prat.

Politics and work don't mix

Derek Torres | 18 August 2008

A recent survey has revealed that 35% of managers open share their political views in the workplace, while a whopping 66% of employees do the same. I'm quite certain that such statistics would make any HR manager spit up their coffee.

The worst excuses for coming in late

Bryan Alaspa | 17 June 2008

Everyone has run into the situation where you are running late for work. If you need an excuse, don't try any of these.

Turning around a bad day

Bryan Alaspa | 04 June 2008

OK, so you're having a bad day at the office. Is there anything you can do to turn it around? Actually, there most likely is.

Kill the cube

Bryan Alaspa | 21 May 2008

Everyone who works in a modern office knows that the cubicle sucks. They really offer no privacy, yet they manage to successfully hamper effective communication between cow-workers. But is there a solution?

Why IT carelessness can turn disaster into a crisis

Nic Paton | 04 April 2008

The good news is that virtually all British firms now back up their critical IT systems and data. The bad news is that a significant minority then fail to ensure there is a version of it off-site in case disaster strikes.

Give us managers who can actually manage, beg UK workers

Nic Paton | 03 April 2008

Most British workers feel they are managed by a bunch of dithering, uncharismatic functionaries and would give their eye teeth for a bit of decisive decision making.

Florida's Die Hard fantasies

Derek Torres | 31 March 2008

I used to think the scariest thing about Florida were the rays and the sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, now it's clear that it's the Florida House of Representatives.

Surviving cube-land

Bryan Alaspa | 17 March 2008

More than likely your office life takes place within the gray walls of a cubicle. Sadly, this creates rat-like mazes and forces humans to live within tiny cells and stare at computer screens.

Helping co-workers cope with loss

Dan Bobinski | 22 February 2008

When people are hit with a tragic loss, don't believe for a moment that they're leaving their personal lives at the door. Debilitating diseases, divorce or the death of a loved-one are among the most stressful events anyone can experience.

Taiwan rejects love contracts

Derek Torres | 18 February 2008

Have you signed your love contract at work? Many have been forced to in the UK and USA - but workers in Taiwan have said no to the love contract, and in resounding numbers!

A look at the employee handbook

Bryan Alaspa | 11 February 2008

One of businesses' necessities is the 'employee handbook.' These are devious little devices that are a pain to create and often looked upon by employees as some kind of catch-all bible.

Politics round the watercooler

Derek Torres | 04 February 2008

As the race for the White House hots up, Americans have decidedly mixed views about the wisdom of sharing their political views with their colleagues and bosses.

The year's weirdest workplaces

Derek Torres | 24 December 2007

The next time you think you're working for a weird company, you might like to reflect on some of the truly bizarre workplace stories of 2007.

The sleazy side of legal life

Brian Amble | 06 December 2007

The annual Christmas quiz in UK lawyers' magazine Legal Business has raised eyebrows with questions such as 'which female partner at a top City law firm was sent to Asia after she was caught having a threesome with two trainees in the office?'

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