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Shedding light on the knowledge economy

Nic Paton | 04 May 2006

A three-year, £1.5m research programme into the knowledge economy – believed to be the biggest of its kind in the world – is being launched by a leading UK think-tank.

Knowledge sharing, knowledge hoarding

Brian Amble | 30 March 2006

Most organisations view knowledge acquired 'on the job' as belonging to the them rather than the individual – and certainly something that should be shared. But many employees don't see it that way.

Third of deals scrapped because checks reveal murky backgrounds

Nic Paton | 11 November 2005

A third of corporate deals are either abandoned or have to be re-negotiated because background checks throw up significant problems with one of the parties involved, a study has found.

Don't expect managers to be full of ideas

Nic Paton | 04 November 2005

The notion that organisations are full of shy managers simply bursting with money-spinning ideas if only they were asked is a myth, research has suggested.

Business needs to move beyond information

Michael Bayler | 14 July 2005

Most knowledge management systems end up as archives of documents that are more or less ignored in real day-to-day practice. The good stuff is personal, social in nature. What we really need access to is not information – it's experience, expertise and assurance.

The Japanese approach to an ageing workforce

Brian Amble | 04 July 2005

Japanese firms have clearly grasped the key role older workers play in maintaining 'institutional knowledge' - something that a number of recent reports suggest is still evading employers in the US or Europe.

Employee development critical for U.S. employers

Brian Amble | 06 June 2005

American companies risk an exodus of organisational knowledge and experience because they are failing to put in place formal employee development programmes to compensate for the retirement of millions of working Baby Boomers.

U.S. companies failing to transfer critical knowledge

Brian Amble | 10 May 2005

America's ageing workforce is threatening to trigger a damaging exodus of institutional knowledge as employers fail to capture critical knowledge and experience from employees approaching retirement or transfer it to newer staff.

One in three workers never consulted over major changes

Nic Paton | 29 April 2005

As many as one in three UK workers claim they are kept in the dark and never consulted when a major change occurs in their organisation

Leaders often show their promise early

Nic Paton | 05 January 2005

If you want to spot tomorrow’s captains of industry you could do worse than heading down to your local school, a survey has suggested.

Schools failing us, warn businesses

Nic Paton | 04 January 2005

Lack of skills is set to be a continuing headache for employers in 2005, two separate surveys have suggested.

Ignoring staff ideas can prove costly, warns survey

Nic Paton | 13 December 2004

They may often seem trivial, irrelevant or downright silly, but ideas generated by staff can be worth hundreds and thousands of pounds, a study has suggested.

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