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MBAs bouncing back

Nic Paton | 30 March 2006

Employers are planning to recruit significantly more people with MBAs this year, quashing fears that the popularity of the qualification has diluted its 'gold standard' reputation.

Oxford boosts Business School brand

Brian Amble | 10 October 2005

Oxford University is amalgamating all its business school programmes under the Sad Business School brand in a bid to become a world leader in management education.

MBA for monks

Brian Amble | 15 September 2005

Monks from the Jade Buddha Monastery in Shanghai are starting business school after the Antai School of Management accepted 18 of them this month for its new MBA course in temple management.

More demand for MBAs

Brian Amble | 05 September 2005

Demand for MBA graduates this year is set to return to levels not seen since the bursting of the dotcom bubble at the beginning of the millennium, with an average 20 per cent rise across the world being reflected in higher salaries.

Business Schools facing staffing crisis

Alison Coleman | 11 August 2005

Academia and Business Schools in Britain are facing a staffing crisis as the number of students going into higher education threatens to outstrip the rate at which new teaching staff can be recruited.

University launches tech start-up degree

Brian Amble | 02 August 2005

University College London (UCL) has launched a new MSc degree that aims to attract talented students into technology sector entrepreneurship.

Measuring the benefit of executive education

Brian Amble | 06 May 2005

Only a small minority of organisations evaluate the return on investment or organisational impact of executive education. But pressure is growing for this attitude to change.

The changing face of executive education

Mike Jones | 25 April 2005

Executive Education has changed considerably over recent years as organisations recognise the critical importance of their human capital. But what does this mean for the business schools?

What use is an MBA?

Mike Jones | 21 March 2005

An increasing number of people are asking whether an MBA is the right training programme for modern managers.

Employers paying less for MBAs

Brian Amble | 01 February 2005

Having an MBA boosts your average salary by 18 per cent upon graduation and more than 50 per cent thereafter. But the premium placed on the qualification has fallen sharply.

MBAs don't count for much Down Under

Brian Amble | 06 December 2004

Now we know why London is home to so many high-flying Australians. A survey of Australian bosses has found that having an MBA means little when it comes to getting a job.

Has the MBA had its day?

Brian Amble | 09 September 2004

Is an MBA any use in the real world, asks Stefan Stern in the Telegraph, or is it a qualification that has had its day?

Prospects are bright for MBAs

Brian Amble | 13 May 2003

New research shows that the base salaries of UK graduate MBAs continue to rise consistently and remain ahead of average earnings despite the current economic climate.

Setting the scene

Peter Calladine | 02 October 2002

With over 10,000 MBA graduates a year in the UK alone, it is vital for potential students to know that their qualification will be recognised by and relevant to a prospective employer.

Why you should take a MBA

Brian Amble | 02 July 2002

The days have long gone when an honors degree from a good university could guarantee you the job you want.

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