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Long live the three-page resume!

Nic Paton | 22 March 2007

President Kennedy famously demanded his briefing papers should never be more than one page long. But the days of the single-page resume may be numbered as managers look to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Applying for a job? Expect to be up against at least 50 others

Nic Paton | 11 January 2007

U.S workers feel over-worked, unappreciated and underpaid, but for those thinking of looking for pastures new as a result, be prepared to be up against at least 50 other workers.

Tempted to lie on your resume? We'll spot it and boot you out

Nic Paton | 19 October 2006

More than half of American hiring managers say they have caught out someone lying on their resume, with the vast majority marching that employee swiftly to the exit.

Job-seeker lies on the increase

Nic Paton | 09 October 2006

One in five Britons applying for jobs lies on their resume or CV, with some adding false qualifications, difficulties with previous jobs and even overlooking the fact they have a criminal record.

Don't offer a bribe - and other ways not to get a job

Nic Paton | 05 September 2006

Spelling mistakes and orange juice stains on your application, offering bribes, bringing your recruiter to the interview Ė some job seekers really don't seem to get it when it comes to making a good impression.

Who can you trust?

Brian Amble | 21 August 2006

Confidence in Briatin's financial services industry has taken another knock with the revelation that a quarter of all job applications to financial employers contain at least one major discrepancy.

Minority of graduates prepared to cheat to get ahead

Nic Paton | 07 August 2006

More than a sixth of graduates applying for jobs would be prepared to cheat to get an advantage over their candidate competitors, a British survey has discovered.

Employers give thumbs down to academic qualifications

Brian Amble | 20 July 2006

Only a tiny proportion of European employers have any faith in the trustworthiness of academic qualifications, CVs and job application forms in determining on-the-job performance.

Seven steps to checking out a potential recruit

Nic Paton | 10 July 2006

Employers in the UK are becoming increasingly wary of talking what job applicants claim at face value and are using up to seven different methods of checking up on their backgrounds and qualifications.

Extreme interviewing

Brian Amble | 04 July 2006

According to Mark Franchetti, the Sunday Times' man in Moscow, Russian employers are increasingly using the so-called 'stressovoye' ó stressful interview ó to help them hire the best staff.

Overload driving resumes to extinction

Nic Paton | 21 June 2006

Resumes or CVs have long been regarded as the cornerstone of employment recruitment, but according to new U.S research, they are dying a slow, painful death.

Falling asleep - and other ways to mess up a job interview

Nic Paton | 08 June 2006

Most people going for a job interview will strive to be eager, motivated and upbeat. Most, but not all. In fact, some job seekers seem to go out of their way to rule themselves out of contention.

References, resumes and interviews useless at predicting success

Nic Paton | 23 May 2006

The vast majority of tools used to recruit workers fail completely to predict whether someone will be successful in a job, according to a study by British HR professionals.

Job-hunting: lying through your teeth and being bored rigid

Nic Paton | 03 April 2006

The British jobs market is hampered by lazy and unimaginative recruitment methods, bad interviewing techniques and candidates failing to be completely truthful.

Crafting your resume? it's all about image

Patricia Soldati | 27 March 2006

Your resume needs to be much more than your work history. Every title, phrase and verb you use causes a potential employer to make assumptions about you that either detract from, or add to, your image.

Chirac backs anonymous job applications

Brian Amble | 13 December 2005

French President Jacques Chirac has backed the idea of anonymous job applications to beat entrenched racial discrimination against ethnic minorities.

Searching for the holy grail

Brian Amble | 02 December 2005

Hiring engaged and motivated new employees is critical to the success of any organisation. And yet identifying these qualities often eludes managers during the selection process.

Truth or fiction?

Brian Amble | 18 August 2005

As the CEO of an NHS Trust admits faking qualifications to get his £115,000-a-year job, research suggests that almost four out of 10 employers have hired people who have lied in their job application.

CVs giving way to 'candidate profiles'

Nic Paton | 10 August 2005

First it was electonic CVs replacing paper, now, according to a study, online CVs are being replaced by web-based candidate profiles in one of the biggest changes to online recruitment in years.

Businesses unhappy with how workers are vetted

Nic Paton | 01 August 2005

Employers are being let down by the UK's employee vetting body the Criminal Records Bureau, with organisations being given information that is often inaccurate or out of date.

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