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Presenting work to best advantage.

Janet Howd | 22 March 2010

A common complaint these days is that new entrants into the workforce don't want to put any effort into learning new skills. Nonsense. The real problem is that mangers are unable to tap into their obvious and zealous work ethic.

Welcome to the post-recession reality

Brian Amble | 18 March 2010

Forget career progression and job satisfaction. For a workforce battered by recession, the new reality is one of reduced expectations, increased anxiety and a desire for job security and stability above all else.

A war for talent or for dead wood?

Nic Paton | 09 March 2010

As we slowly begin to emerge from recession, a mass of disgruntled, unmotivated and disengaged workers will be trying to change jobs. But will this represent a threat to organizations or an opportunity?

Don't forget your people

Nic Paton | 26 February 2010

Engagement and retention need to go back to the top of the agenda if organisations don't want to suffer a mass exodus of talent once confidence starts to return to the jobs' market.

Becoming an employer of choice

Brian Amble | 15 January 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Wayne Turmel spoke to Joyce Gioia, President of The Herman Group, for our last podcast of 2009, about the ways your organization can become an employer of choice in 21010 – and why, despite the recession, this matters. Knowing just how quickly most New Year's resolutions get forgotten, here's a reminder of her salient points.

Managing the generation gap

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer | 04 January 2010

Tammy Erickson is an author and expert on organizations and the changing workforce and, in particular, the generational differences between workers today. She spoke to Des Dearlove about the best ways to unite generations into a productive workforce.

Hourly-paid workers are happier

Brian Amble | 14 December 2009

It's often said that money doesn't bring happiness. But the truth could be more complicated, according to researchers at University of Toronto and Stanford University.

Dealing with negative energy

Jean-François Manzoni | 24 November 2009

Since the recession began, many organizations have had to cut costs, lose staff and demand more from their remaining employees. But this can lead to negative energy and a loss of goodwill. So how do you keep your employees on board for the road to recovery?

Keeping top talent in a down economy

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer | 19 November 2009

How do organizations boost the performance of employees when times are so tough? Stuart Crainer hears from Sylvia Ann Hewlett that ignoring your best people leads to the evaporation of loyalty and trust as alienation and disengagement sets in.

Trust and collaboration: a virtuous circle

Andy Atkins | 16 November 2009

Trust is an essential requirement of effective leaders. Without trust, leaders have no followers. And if they want to build trust, leaders need to understand that trust as driven more by aligned commitment and shared responsibility than by an assessment of individual capabilities.

Four levels of employee engagement

Mitch McCrimmon | 13 November 2009

The reason employees become disengaged is because management takes the lion's share of ownership. So if you want to build real employee engagement, relinquish your monopoly on leadership, change the way you view employees and push ownership down throughout the organization.

Moving beyond survival

Brian Amble | 28 October 2009

With new research highlighting a sharp decline in employee commitment - particularly among top performers - isn't it time organisations stopped cost-cutting and lay-offs and started to plan for the future?

Keeping up in a down economy

Bob Nelson | 16 October 2009

The real toll of the recession is its impact on everyday people. Smart managers know that creating a climate of fear isn't going to help. Instead, they need to focus on the right things that together create a more motivating work environment for their employees.

Employee engagement in tough times

Marcia Xenitelis | 07 October 2009

How do you inspire confidence and innovation in an organization whose employees are worried sick about their jobs? The answer isn't that complicated – and it doesn't involve employee engagement surveys.

Getting the most out of your people

Charles Helliwell | 25 September 2009

For all the talk about its importance, the vast majority of organisations simply don't take employee engagement seriously. And they never will until those who run these organisations acknowledge that every employee is a potential asset, not a liability.

Reconnecting your people

Brian Amble | 18 September 2009

Job cuts, endemic uncertainty, too much change too quickly – it's little wonder that so many people feel pretty alienated from their organisations at the moment. So here's some very sound advice from consultants Watson Wyatt about the steps you can take to reconnect employees.

Get gardening

Brian Amble | 31 August 2009

Companies looking for a novel way to boost employee morale and engagement are turning to corporate vegetable gardens as the latest tool in the battle to win hearts and minds.

Unlock manager strangle-hold to engage employees

Barry Wade | 19 August 2009

Employee engagement could be improved by cutting back on military-style management layers and improving workplace democracy, a Welsh academic claims.

The benefits of pamper power

Joe Barnhart | 13 August 2009

Despite what bankers continue to claim, money buys neither happiness nor loyal employees. So throwing good money after bad isn't a long-term solution for employees suffering from occasional feelings of low job satisfaction. There are lots of tools in the box – tools like pamper power.

Recalling successful tasks can boost employee engagement

Barry Wade | 12 August 2009

Getting your employees to focus at least once a day on an element of their job the previous day that went well could boost happiness across your company, according to a UK academic.

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