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Why smart people resist technology

Wayne Turmel | 30 April 2015

A healthy skepticism towards the 'latest and greatest' is nothing new. Smart people have been resisting buying or implementing new technology for thousands of years for reasons that havenít changed much since Roman times.

Dealing with 'app fatigue'

Wayne Turmel | 02 February 2015

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out on technology? Youíre not alone. There are literally thousands of productivity apps out there, but is this onslaught of tools actually doing anything to solve our communication challenges?

How wide is the digital skills gap?

Wayne Turmel | 29 July 2014

As any long-suffering IT support pro will tell you, many people use technology unbelievably badly. Just how badly is a real shock. So how long does it take to recognize that this skills gap is a real problem and to address it in a way that gets you some of your wasted time and money back?

If you want to be a leader, you need the right kit!

Brian Amble | 24 April 2014

If you want to be seen as a leader, you need to portray the right image to other people. And these days, it seems that 'image' is all about been seen to have the right gadgets.

Who's afraid of the science of shopping?

Nicola Hunt | 12 February 2014

Whether it's personalised bill-boards, talking windows or mobile phones that know what product we're looking at in a store, the future of shopping has already arrived. And as we hear in this interview with Dr David Lewis, the neuro-psychologist who invented the science of shopping, that's only the beginning.

Keep on with the tablets!

Janet Howd | 03 February 2014

The iPad is nothing new. After all, writing on tablets is almost as old as the hills Ė except that today's tablets are altogether more dynamic, possessing the power to bring information to life and electrify learning.

IT has delivered a five-fold increase in office productivity

Brian Amble | 12 November 2013

Remember when a fax machine was considered high-tech, documents were produced in typing pools and Led Zepplin hadn't sold out to stadium rock? Well since the 1970s, our office-based productivity has risen five-fold. And its all thanks to technology.

Helping the help desk

Bill Rosenthal | 30 October 2013

The poor old IT help desk gets a bad rap in many organizations. But by adopting a different management strategy, you can transform the way it operates and start to see its capabilities as a competitive advantage.

Augmenting reality: Google Glass and the future of business

Christopher Barnatt | 14 October 2013

How will Google Glass and augmented reality affect business over the coming decade? AR may be in its infancy now, but futurologist Christopher Barnatt says that it will soon be as mainstream as the mobile phone.

Is technology culturally neutral?

Wayne Turmel | 19 July 2013

Technology is frequently touted as being a great equalizer. Bits, bytes, electrons and the Web are loyal to no nation. So why would it matter what country a particular solution or technology comes from as long as it works?

Data science goes online

Brian Amble | 18 July 2013

With the explosion in 'big data' and demand for data scientists rocketing, the University of California at Berkeley has launched a new Master's degree in data science that will be delivered to students entirely on-line Ė but at a considerable cost.

Technophobia, Roman-style

Wayne Turmel | 01 July 2013

If you're having trouble getting your team to embrace webinars, video-conferencing or any of the dozens of other technological marvels that are supposed to make our work easier, take a lesson from the Romans.

Are managers the biggest problem with webinars?

Wayne Turmel | 11 March 2013

The real problem with rolling out webinars in organizations isn't clueless senior management or lazy and inattentive attendees. It's the layer of managers in between.

Why you should use chat in webmeetings

Wayne Turmel | 30 January 2013

One of the most under-utilized tools in the online meeting tool-chest is the 'chat' feature. But used properly, it can add significant value to the effectiveness of team communication.

How smart phones lower your cultural intelligence

David Livermore | 08 January 2013

Whether we accept it or not, our obsession with device-driven multi-tasking and always-on connectivity is reducing our productivity and effectiveness. And this has profound relevance, too, for cross-cultural effectiveness.

Do we need more PowerPoint tools?

Wayne Turmel | 03 January 2013

We've all heard of (or experienced) 'Death By PowerPoint' - and its insidious effects are even more marked when presenting via webinar or webmeeting. So this begs the question, do we really need even MORE PowerPoint tools and widgets?

Is IT finally getting it?

Wayne Turmel | 27 December 2012

One of the many things I get accused of regularly is being too hard on IT people. But actually, I'm gradually beginning to suspect that IT people are starting to 'get' how people actually work with technology. Good on you.

Skype, LYNC and why Microsoft is smarter than you think

Wayne Turmel | 20 December 2012

Before all the shrieking starts, let me warn you I am about to say something nice about Microsoft.(Pause for the nasty posts to rush in). Seriously, they've done something to help people work together better and it's gone largely unnoticed.

Five reasons virtual meetings don't stink

Wayne Turmel | 06 December 2012

Virtual meetings are growing in number (if not popularity) at an exponential rate. Since this makes no logical sense, I have been forced to draw an unpopular conclusion: maybe they're not as useless as many people maintain.

Why do so few people use webmeetings well?

Wayne Turmel | 08 November 2012

After five years of teaching people all over the world to deliver presentations and lead online meetings, I'm still surprised at how poorly they are prepared to use these tools. Here's why - and what to do about it.

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