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Set up to fail? Nurturing high potentials

Cindy Wahler | 29 November 2011

Just because someone is a high performer doesn't automatically mean that they will make a successful move into a leadership role. But that's what many organizations seem to think and in doing so, they are setting up their high potential employees to fail.

When training backfires

Brian Amble | 14 June 2011

Employers who invest in professional development but don't also offer their staff opportunities for advancement could be wasting their money and increasing their turnover rates, new research suggests.

The skill of skilling yourself

Nic Paton | 08 February 2011

The days when employers were happy to pay for your training seem to be over. So if you're going to survive in a changing world, you're got to take ownership of what you can offer now and in the future.

Too much or too little work matters

John Lees | 10 August 2010

Is it possible to get a job you love? Even in tough times we need to think about what we get out of our working lives, because with long hours and delayed retirement, work is now such a big part of our total lifespan.

You can't hop to the top

Des Dearlove & Stuart Crainer | 01 July 2010

Monika Hamori of Spain's IE Business School provides a powerful challenge to orthodox thinking about careers. She talks to Stuart Crainer about the new career realities and why job hoppers don't prosper.

Three tips for being flexible and adaptable

Dan Bobinski | 29 April 2010

Survival in the ever-changing workplace is tough and unless you've been living in a cave, you will have seen a lot of change the past few years. But there has always been change: jobs and careers have come and gone over time. My advice is to 'stay flexible and adaptable' - and here are some tips to help you do just that.

Empathy and advancement

Derek Torres | 07 August 2009

Apparently white executives have a hard time empathizing with colleagues who are a different race because they can't bring themselves to view them as they view white junior executives - who often remind them of themselves or their children.

How do I act "more senior"?

Ruth Spellman | 07 August 2009

Jane keeps being told by her boss to be 'more senior' yet when questioned as to what this means receives simply a shrug. She asks what she can do to give the impression that she is more senior.

I spy a new career

Bryan Alaspa | 14 July 2009

Despite the state of the economy, some employers are still hiring. In fact one organization is so keen to recruit that it recently sent out a mass e-mail asking people to consider a career with them.

Three ways to impress your boss

Dan Bobinski | 14 May 2009

Whether you're working toward a raise, a promotion, or your work ethic just won't let you do otherwise, you probably want to hear the words 'good job' from your boss. If that's you, one of the quickest ways to impress your boss is by making his or her life easier.

Cool jobs

Bryan Alaspa | 06 May 2009

Even with the economy as bad as it is you may be looking for a new job. But what jobs are 'cooler' than the one you have now?

Recession promps a rat race re-evaluation

Nic Paton | 27 March 2009

In tough times, many organisations slip into treating people badly. But with half of workers considering down-shifting to a more fulfilling job, poor employers could find their offices rapidly emptying when things pick up.

Survival of the loudest

Nic Paton | 20 March 2009

It's a sad truth that you're more likely to get promoted if you're assertive, forceful and self-assured than you are if you're just good at your job. So is this another reason why things have gone so wrong economically?

Lessons your mother didn't teach you

Cindy Wahler | 09 March 2009

The lessons we learned in childhood shaped who we are and created the values that guide us through life. But they may limit our success if followed too closely. Real world experience has other lesson to offer, many of which fly in the face of traditional parental guidance.

The best jobs for 2009

Bryan Alaspa | 06 January 2009

Despite the economic mess, there are still good jobs out there for those of you seeking new careers. In fact, some areas might actually benefit from the downturn.

The value of self-reliance

Dan Bobinski | 09 December 2008

Advancement - to whatever level one wants - comes through personal effort. We can't rely on others to bring us success. Achieving your dream means determining what you want and then doing what it takes to achieve it.

Do I go to the office party?

Bryan Alaspa | 04 December 2008

Every year your office probably holds some kind of Christmas holiday event. You may not want to attend, but beware. Not going could actually hurt your career.

Help for those who hate their boss

Bryan Alaspa | 25 November 2008

If you hate your boss, here's some tips you can master to learn to live with the situation at least long enough to find work elsewhere.

How to prevent your career collapsing with your company

Nic Paton | 19 November 2008

Walking away before your company crashes around you is the best way to prevent career meltdown - even if it means taking your chances in an uncertain jobs' market.

Not getting promoted? These could be reasons why

Bryan Alaspa | 04 November 2008

If you want to move up the career ladder but always see others getting ahead in front of you, there may be some good reasons for it.

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