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The deterioration of workplace safety

Derek Torres | 26 August 2008

More and more articles are appearing in newspapers across America focusing on the deterioration of workplace safety. With good reason.

When more isn't a good thing

Derek Torres | 01 August 2008

Why do governments continue to push the lie that they care about those they are supposed to represent? Just look at the latest maneuver from the American Department of Labor.

Anti-smoking madness?

Derek Torres | 29 July 2008

Let's ponder for a moment about what exactly constitutes a workplace, shall we? Before you start to wax poetically for too long, it seems that perhaps the Welsh authorities have come up with a rather far reaching answer.


Derek Torres | 03 June 2008

America's love affair with absurd lawsuits is a secret to no one, but even this one is pretty 'out there' - although whether it has any affect on the workplace remains to be seen.

Bribery rife despite anti-corruption efforts

Brian Amble | 15 May 2008

Almost a quarter of senior executives admit that their organisation had been approached to pay a bribe in order to retain or win business in the last two years.

Fair's fair

Derek Torres | 28 April 2008

There are few things funnier, professionally speaking, then when companies whine that a new law is unfair because it's going to force them to be – fair!

Avenues for employee complaints seem to be closed

Dan Bobinski | 25 April 2008

A prime reason for employee unhappiness is that companies do not adhere to a set of standards. Some are too forgiving of employee misconduct, while others are managed by people who themselves overstep boundaries and could care less about rules.

Noticing the differences

Nic Paton | 13 February 2008

If you don't want to be forced to spend months at your desk once you've handed in your notice, move to Mexico. But if it is security you're after, head to Slovakia.

So much for discrimination laws

Derek Torres | 22 January 2008

It's always troubling when America fails to act like the beacon of reason, freedom, and democracy that she is supposed to represent. Which in this case is exactly what's happening.

Free thinking or disruption?

Derek Torres | 17 January 2008

The notion of freedom of speech must keep HR personnel awake at night - not for any overriding desires to promote a fascist workplace, but keeping people clear of the fine line that separates free thinking and workplace disruption.

Hands off our language

Derek Torres | 10 December 2007

If you pay close enough attention to the news, especially during election cycles, you'll undoubtedly hear the arguments both for and against English being made the 'official language' of the United States.

Avoiding office party disasters

Bryan Alaspa | 19 November 2007

The Christmas holiday season is almost upon us, which means it is about time for the annual office party - with all the potential pitfalls that brings.

Sexual harassment alive and well

Derek Torres | 05 November 2007

Sexual harassment is yet another example of workplace embarrassments that inexplicably still exists in 2007. It's hard to say whether or not this problem has diminished over the years or if cases simply aren't as hyped in the media as they once may have been.

Oklahoma outlaws guns at work

Derek Torres | 15 October 2007

Let it never be said that life in these United States is boring. Take, for example, that almost uniquely American phenomenon – guns and the workplace.

We're watching you

Derek Torres | 12 September 2007

European employers take note: when drafting up your monitoring policies in the workplace, you'd do well to be explicit in your instructions. Failure to do so may well see you fighting lawsuits before the European Court of Human Rights.

Legislation making women less employable

Brian Amble | 02 August 2007

Legislation introduced earlier this year in the UK to boost maternity rights for women has only resulted in women becoming less employable – particularly as far as small and medium-sized employers are concerned.

China tackles workers' rights

Derek Torres | 30 July 2007

The Chinese have taken steps to reduce worker exploitation, which is a particularly problem among migrant workers. But will new legislation really make any difference?

Kiwi whistleblowers get extra protection

Derek Torres | 10 July 2007

Employees in New Zealand who work in unsavory environments but are worried about reporting unprofessional, unethical, indeed, illegal activities, can breathe easier.

Employers plan to curb smoking breaks

Brian Amble | 02 July 2007

As England's new ban on smoking in enclosed public places takes effect, lawyers claim that employers are planning to use the new ban to crack down on staff taking cigarette breaks.

Interesting times

Derek Torres | 25 June 2007

These are interesting times to be an American worker. With negotiations set to get underway in Detroit for a new labor contract, we also have the continuing debate about the Employee Free Choice Act going on in the Senate.

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