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The price of failure?

Brian Amble | 18 July 2011

It's nice to see that some things never change. As the on-going Murdoch drama reminds us, for senior executives, it doesn't matter how catastrophic your failure, you'll still walk away with a seven-figure payoff.

Sustainability hits the boardroom

Gareth Kane | 04 July 2011

Ten years ago, environmental issues in business were essentially about compliance. Then we moved into environmental management. But now, sustainability is fast becoming a strategic boardroom priority. But why?

Corporate responsibility more than just philanthropy

Brian Amble | 04 July 2011

Many large companies view corporate responsibility initiatives as possessing a clear strategic dimension that makes them an increasingly core part of many of their activities.

CSR and the bottom line

Brian Amble | 15 June 2011

Organisations that are committed to corporate social responsibility have far higher levels of employee engagement, provide better customer service and outperform those that are not, new research has found.

UK companies forgetting their ethics

Brian Amble | 27 May 2011

The proportion of companies in the UK providing training in business ethics for their staff is actually lower now than it was before the financial melt-down, a new survey has found.

Six out of 10 companies have a sustainability strategy

Brian Amble | 21 April 2011

More than six out of 10 companies globally currently have a working strategy for corporate sustainability, a new report has found.

Environmental claims are just so much hot air

Brian Amble | 25 March 2011

The overwhelming majority of consumers in the UK view corporate claims of environmental responsibility as nothing more than spin and 'greenwash', new research has revealed.

Getting a boost from corruption

Brian Amble | 22 March 2011

A new study argues that operating in a corrupt environment can actually benefit some companies because they are forced to improve their organisational capabilities to compensate.

CSR and customer value

Brian Amble | 24 February 2011

How can corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities enhance customer value? And how can companies enhance the effectiveness of CSR activities on customer responses?

Building sustainability

Brian Amble | 06 January 2011

According to a 2010 Accenture survey, nine out of 10 CEO's globally view sustainability as key to their future success. But what practical steps should they take to build sustainability into the heart of their business?

UK boardroom pay rises 55 per cent

Brian Amble | 29 October 2010

Despite average pay increases not breaking the three per cent barrier, the directors of Britain's 100 largest companies enjoyed a 55 per cent rise in total earnings over the last year.

Corrupt or just well-connected?

Brian Amble | 27 September 2010

At what point does being 'well connected' start to means being corrupt? The answer might come as a surprise.

Lessons from India: social profitability

David Livermore | 20 September 2010

Corporate social responsibility, creative capitalism and the triple bottom line may be relatively new ideas in the West, but many Indian businesses have long measured their success by how they care for their most important asset - their people.

No progress for women in UK boardrooms

Brian Amble | 21 July 2010

Efforts to increase the number of women in the boardrooms of Britain's largest companies have failed, according to new research, with almost no change in the number of female directors over the past year.

US companies ignoring whistle-blowers

Brian Amble | 14 July 2010

As far as most US public companies are concerned, their response to anonymous allegations is simply to ignore them - even when these allegations involve very serious accounting breaches.

Environmental and sustainability claims are just so much hot air

Brian Amble | 15 June 2010

Beware of corporations keen to trumpet their sustainability and environmental credentials. Because as a new report spells out, most of what companies claim isn't backed up by any independent oversight.

Is it a bribe or a tip?

David Livermore | 21 April 2010

Most people involved in international work are faced with the dilemma of what to do when an 'extra payment' is expected. But while it's easy to say that bribery is a bad thing, the reality can be rather more complicated.

Does honesty pay?

Bob Selden | 20 April 2010

Barely a month goes by without some new corporate scandal breaking across the media. But do the executives of these companies think that people will not find out what they have been up to? And from a leadership perspective, what type of culture does such behavior engender within an organization?

Companies failing to tackle bribery

Brian Amble | 08 April 2010

The overwhelming majority of global businesses have failed to put in place adequate policies or management systems to tackle bribery and corruption, a new report suggests.

Cleaning up Britain's boardrooms

Bob Berry | 23 March 2010

Proposed changes in British corporate governance rules look like falling far short of what is needed for real boardroom reform because they fail to deal with the massive accumulation of power by boards or kickstart the the process of returning power to owners.

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