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What beans are you counting?

Wayne Turmel | 25 April 2013

It's pretty clear that remote working and collaboration can deliver significant cost savings. But top-line savings aren't the best way to assess whether something is working or not.

Flexibility trumps financial rewards

Brian Amble | 22 April 2013

The millennial generation are less interested in how much a job pays than they are in having workplace flexibility and a sensible work-life balance, a new study has found.

Working remotely and the odds of promotion

Wayne Turmel | 19 March 2013

If you are more productive than your coworkers, you'd expect to have a better chance of promotion, right? Not so fast. If you work remotely, you could be at a big disadvantage.

How to avoid yahoo's telecommuting chaos

Wayne Turmel | 04 March 2013

Let's set aside the hyseria about Yahoo's announcement that it wants more people to come into the office and quit working from home and make an educated guess at some of the challenges that led to this decision and its associated drama.

Is Yahoo wrong about telecommuting?

Wayne Turmel | 27 February 2013

Far from marking the end of telecommuting, Marissa Mayer's demand that Yahoo's employees stop working remotely and get back into the office speaks volumes about the culture of the troubled Internet giant.

Can you really work from anywhere?

Bob Selden | 19 February 2013

Google's Chief Financial Officer ruffled a few feather recently when he said that he believed working from home is not the best way to generate ideas and innovation. But is he right?

What remote teams can learn from Mantei Te'o

Wayne Turmel | 07 February 2013

What do your remote team members and a lovesick football player have in common? They may both be guilty of seeing more in online relationships than is actually really there.

Lead remotely so people will follow you

Wayne Turmel | 16 October 2012

Leadership is a rare enough at the best of times. Leading people when you aren't in close contact with them is even harder. But it's not impossible. You simply have to understand the dynamics of working remotely and adjust.

Are your people growing or going?

Wayne Turmel | 18 September 2012

How can managers get the same commitment and hard work from a contractor or remote worker as they'd expect from someone with their eye on the corner office? The key is to help them grow.

Managing a virtual boss

Wayne Turmel | 14 September 2012

An increasing number of us work for bosses who are not located in the same physical place as us. This means that we need to think about how to manage a virtual boss. Even if you don't have to do it now, odds are that you will in the future.

Why your remote team members feel unloved

Wayne Turmel | 30 August 2012

Building long-term relationships with remote workers is tough, but vitally important. Because when people feel unappreciated they become less engaged. And people who are less engaged quickly become less productive.

What does BYOD mean to your team?

Wayne Turmel | 09 August 2012

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device – is the latest bone of contention between IT departments and the rest of us who just want to able to use the tools we like best and allow us to be most productive. So here are some of the issues that need to be addressed to have peace in the kingdom.

Remote teams and rocket science

Wayne Turmel | 01 August 2012

One of the biggest innovations to come out of the US Space program was the development of a way to manage information across teams that were scattered geographically as well as by discipline and function.

Is your company the wicked stepmother?

Wayne Turmel | 26 June 2012

Many people who work remotely feel that those who work under the bosses' noses receive preferential treatment - as if they are viewed more as tolerated stepchildren than members of the "real" family.

What makes a great remote team

Wayne Turmel | 10 May 2012

What separates great remote teams from those that are merely functional? Here are five differentiators that really mark out great remote teams.

Hiring new remote team members

Wayne Turmel | 03 May 2012

Not everyone is cut out to work in a remote team. So how can you find people who are prepared - and suitable - to work in a virtual environment? Here are some key things to ask prospective team members.

Remote working hampered by the trust gap

Wayne Turmel | 03 April 2012

Do you think you're more productive when you work somewhere other than the office? Do you think your boss would agree? The findings of a new survey on remote working make for interesting reading.

Telework week is coming

Wayne Turmel | 28 February 2012

March 5-9 is Telework Week 2012 in the US, so we thought we'd share some insights about it from the folks at the Telework Exchange who are, along with Cisco, behind the concept.

Snow storms, zombie attacks and the Olympic apocalypse

Wayne Turmel | 19 January 2012

Remember last year when a snow storm shut down the US for two days? Or are you already working out how you'll get to work in London during the upcoming Olympics? With a good communication plan, you don't need to worry about either eventuality.

All-virtual or all-there?

Wayne Turmel | 17 January 2012

Whether to have a completely virtual or a completely physical workplace seems to be the question a lot of companies are asking themselves. But it's the wrong question. This shouldn't be an either-or proposition.

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