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Coaching through glass ceiling

Nic Paton | 16 March 2009

Better coaching by senior management and encouraging women to aspire to board-level positions can make a big difference in helping to shatter the glass ceiling.

Bonus curbs coming to a boardroom near you

Nic Paton | 05 February 2009

President Obama's tough new caps on executive pay may only apply to firms that have been bailed out by the government but it'll be a brave CEO who tries to argue that its effects will not ripple across the wider economy.

CEO turnover hits new high

Nic Paton | 16 January 2009

It's not just front-line workers who are losing their jobs. Six chief executives headed for the exit every day during 2008, the highest rate of turnover for a decade.

Boardroom elite still commands the cash

Nic Paton | 11 September 2008

The global economic slowdown may be putting the brakes on executive pay, but there is still a huge gap between the super-wealthy boardroom elite and the rest.

No sign of CEOs tightening their own belts

Nic Paton | 08 September 2008

Downturn or not, the maxim for an increasing number of companies when it comes to attracting and retaining their top executives is, if you're good, you're worth it.

The road to the top starts on the sports field

Brian Amble | 08 July 2008

If you have ambitions to become CEO of a public company, your chances will be much improved if you're an eldest child with a strong record of achievement on the sports field.

Why R-word will send UK managers into a job-cutting panic

Nic Paton | 10 March 2008

Most British managers expect to see knee-jerk job cuts, short-termism and panic at the first whiff of recession.

Female board members just as experienced as men

Nic Paton | 28 February 2008

The notion that women bring less experience to the boardroom table than their male counterparts is nonsense, a new study has suggested.

Financial incentives really do make CEOs perform better

Nic Paton | 21 February 2008

More evidence has emerged to suggest that the highest performing companies are generally led by the best paid and most financially motivated CEOs.

UK executives all at sea over climate change

Nic Paton | 20 February 2008

Eight out of 10 senior British business leaders recognise climate change is becoming a serious business issue, yet they have no idea whether to see it as a threat or opportunity.

New M&As left leaderless for two and a half months

Nic Paton | 19 February 2008

It's perhaps no wonder nine out of 10 European M&As fail to meet their objectives when senior managers take more than two and a half months to parachute in their new teams.

Leaders need hard skills, not empathy, say CEOs

Nic Paton | 13 February 2008

If you thought that CEOs need to be emotionally intelligent people managers with the ability to lead through example, you might want to think again.

Fear of recession haunts CEOs

Brian Amble | 23 January 2008

Amid turmoil in the global financial markets, business confidence is on the decline and fear of recession has topped the list of worries that keep CEOs awake at night.

British CEOs are a declining species

Nic Paton | 16 January 2008

With four out of 10 of the UK's top chief executives now coming from abroad, there are concerns that UK firms are not doing enough to develop home-grown talent.

Boardroom equality as far away as ever

Nic Paton | 07 December 2007

Europe's boardrooms are still stubbornly male, with women making up fewer than a tenth of board-level positions, a disparity that could take almost 60 years to resolve.

British CEO pay doubles in half a decade

Nic Paton | 29 October 2007

Britain's top executives have seen their earnings double in the past five years, with the average chief executive now taking home more than 3 million a year.

CEOs words can predict the future

Brian Amble | 08 October 2007

Every investor would love to have a crystal ball that forecast a company's future innovations. Now researchers believe they are able to do just that.

CIOs feeling unloved and ignored

Nic Paton | 03 October 2007

You might have thought the growing reliance of many businesses on cutting edge technology would have given CIOs an pivotal position within the boardroom. Far from it.

More women on the board leads to better results

Brian Amble | 01 October 2007

Fortune 500 companies with more women on their boards achieve significantly better financial performance than those that are male-dominated, new research has revealed.

Shortage of board positions pushes talent towards private equity

Brian Amble | 24 September 2007

If you have ambitions to sit on the board of one of Britain's blue-chip corporations, you may want to think again. Because the number of top jobs is declining rapidly.

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