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Keep your beliefs to yourself

Derek Torres | 31 December 2008

Employers, no matter how large their salary, ego, or religious conviction, simply cannot force their employees to submit to propaganda promoting the CEO's religion.

Three cheers for protest

Derek Torres | 11 December 2008

Those who know me know how much I enjoy a good social protest (for justifiable reasons, of course) every now and then. I also believe that they only way to advance social progress is to hit offenders where it hurts Ė the bottom line. Otherwise, you'll never get their attention.

White men get bigger bonuses

Nic Paton | 07 October 2008

In the wake of the financial meltdown, performance-related bonuses are hardly flavour of the month in Main Street America. But now they have been found to be gender and racially biased, too.

Rights and wrongs

Derek Torres | 04 September 2008

In today's world of everyone believing that they are entitled to special treatment for one reason or another, it's increasingly difficult to be an HR professional or labor lawyer.

Singapore struggles with sexual harassment

Derek Torres | 18 July 2008

Though it's likely that many of us tend to think of workplace ills, such as discrimination or sexual harassment, as home-grown, you may be surprised (and disheartened) to know that these are problems that know no borders.

Irish employers ban Polish

Derek Torres | 17 July 2008

A number of Irish companies are trying to ban foreign languages (notably Polish) from their workplaces. What's their problem?

Does recession boost discrimination?

Derek Torres | 17 July 2008

Some people need precious few excuses to let our their inner jerk. So is the state of the economy just the excuse they need?

India leads the way on harassment legislation

Derek Torres | 15 May 2008

Last week, I came across an article on a recent Indian High Court verdict, which ruled that sexual harassment in the workplace doesn't necessarily have to happen in the workplace.

Checking in with the Humor Blog

Bryan Alaspa | 27 February 2008

When it's tough getting through the work day, there's nothing like a little humor. One blog specifically designed to occupy your downtime at work is The Office Humor Blog.

UK workplaces getting ruder

Derek Torres | 11 February 2008

Would it surprise you if I told you that discriminatory slurs in the UK have virtually doubled in the past five years?

Utah spearheads anti-discrimination drive

Derek Torres | 30 January 2008

The U.S. has been unable to put together a truly effective workplace anti-discrimination bill at a federal level, so states have been taking it upon themselves to do what the fat cats in Washington DC won't.

So much for discrimination laws

Derek Torres | 22 January 2008

It's always troubling when America fails to act like the beacon of reason, freedom, and democracy that she is supposed to represent. Which in this case is exactly what's happening.

UK bosses still discriminating

Nic Paton | 16 November 2007

It may be against the law to discriminate against employees who have a disability or because of their religious beliefs, but that doesn't stop many UK workers feeling hard done by.

Sexual harassment alive and well

Derek Torres | 05 November 2007

Sexual harassment is yet another example of workplace embarrassments that inexplicably still exists in 2007. It's hard to say whether or not this problem has diminished over the years or if cases simply aren't as hyped in the media as they once may have been.

Burden of bureaucracy leads employers to shun women

Brian Amble | 12 September 2007

There's more evidence that the ever-increasing burden of bureaucracy is leading employers in Britain to shun women.

In defence of smokers

Derek Torres | 30 July 2007

Earlier this week, I followed with great interest a thread on a mailing list where someone posted a job announcement where one of the job requirements was that the candidate be a non-smoker.


Derek Torres | 09 July 2007

A recent amendment passed by the US Congress is a clear attempt to prevent Spanish-speakers from using their language in the American workplace.

Discrimination rampant in U.S. workplaces

Nic Paton | 21 June 2007

A quarter of women in the U.S claim to have experienced discrimination at work, with almost one fifth saying they have been harassed by a fellow employee or manager.

Discrimination, Singapore-style

Derek Torres | 21 June 2007

Sadly, racial discrimination in the workplace appears to be a worldwide problem, despite all the efforts to curb it. And things are no different in Singapore.

Obese workers cost employers more

Nic Paton | 24 April 2007

Obese Americans are more likely to get injured at work, take more time off and are twice as likely to cost their organisations in injury claims than their thinner colleagues.

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