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Embedded Sustainability - the Next Big Competitive Advantage

Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva

Sustainability has moved from being the 'right thing to do' to being the optimal driver of business strategy. This book articulates the drivers for innovation and how to practically think through and then act to embed sustainability into your organization's DNA.

A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing

Christopher Barnatt

If you want to know what lies behind all the hype about cloud computing and what it means for your business but don't want to be blinded by technical detail, this surprisingly readable book by Christopher Barnatt is a great place to start.

Brilliant Email

Monica Seeley

Coping with a constant stream of emails - in my case up to 150 a day - is a major part of the burden of office life. At fault was my failure to manage them - and this book provides an answer to that email overload.

The Best Practices Enterprise

James M. Kerr

This book demystifies seven essential business programs (or, best practices) needed for improving performance and delivering lasting results within today's competitive backdrop.

How to Get Your Ideas Adopted

Anne Miller

The process of innovation is like a board game in which a large number of squares say things like 'miss a go' or 'go back three spaces'. This guide will help players avoid those squares and to land instead on those that read 'take another turn'.

Trust Unwrapped

Dan Collins & David Thompson

Trust Unwrapped is a story about integrity, trust and chocolate, a rather unusual formula. It also differs from most business manuals in being more fun to read and more concise.

The Truth about Innovation

Max McKeown

What is innovation? How does it happen? How can businesses encourage innovation? Is it possible to create a culture of innovation? How do you move from an idea to an insight to an innovation?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Harvard Psychologist's Guide to Becoming a Superstar

Dr Myra White

How do ordinary people like Richard Branson, Jack Welch or Warren Buffett become superstars? What do they do that catapults them to the top while others struggle valiantly but achieve only moderate success?

What To Do When You Become The Boss

Bob Selden

Despite the obvious impact an ineffective manager has on an organisation's profitability, many still pay little attention to supporting new managers, particularly in their first supervisory role. This book could be the answer.

How to Manage in a Flat World

Susan Bloch & Philip Whiteley

Increasingly, people are asked to be members of a virtual team – or multiple teams. But as this book asks, how well suited are human beings to working in teams that stretch across a dozen time zones?

Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools

Brenda Huettner, M. Katherine Brown and Char James-Tanny

How do you manage people you don't see every day, may never actually have met in person and who may be working not just in different cities, but on different continents?

Career Helium

David Thompson

Career Helium is a modern-day fable thats helps the reader to understand the implicit rules that determine what it takes to succeed in the world of business. Dr Rob Yeung, Director of leadership consulting firm Talentspace, has been reading it.

Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator

Chetan Dhruve

Why do bosses behave the way they do? As this book explains, even the nicest, friendliest people can become dictator-like in organizational systems that encourage bad bosses. But by understanding this, both employees and bosses can take the first steps to creating better relationships.

Lead Well and Prosper

Nick McCormick

Managers don't become poor on purpose. They don't aspire to mediocrity. They just don't work on the right things. This useful real-world guide to becoming a more effective and successful manager lays out what those 'right things' are.

The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

Cary Cherniss and Daniel Goleman

It takes more than traditional intelligence for individuals or organizations to be successful. But how can emotional intelligence be taken beyond the individual to become something a group or entire organization can build and utilize collectively?

The Top Performers Guide to Change

Barbara Kay & Timothy Ursiny

The Top Performers Guide to Change helps you develop a level of self-awareness critical to understanding your own natural response and how to modify it to be more effective.

Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World

Julia Middleton

This book explains how to operate when you go beyond your immediate circle of influence, filled with examples of people who have extended their reach to the benefit of society as well as themselves.

Career Fulfillment is Possible

Patricia Soldati

So you want to change your working life? Congratulations. But sustainable change only occurs through action. Career development related directly to the values that you hold dear.

The Simple Way to Hire, Train and Retain Great Employees

Dan Bobinski

Without a clear-cut job description, you may not be hiring the people you really need. In this practical guide, Dan Bobinski explains how to formulate accurate job descriptions that help you match an applicant's skills to find the person you want.

The Go Point

Michael Useem

This book sets out to help you master the art and science of being decisive. The Go Point is the moment of truth when it's time to get off the fence and you have to say 'yes' or 'no' – the point at which you have to be decisive.

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