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What have we learned about performance management?

Bob Selden | 15 February 2010

What have organisations learnt from the economic crisis about getting the best out of their people? Two contrasting examples suggest that while some have learned a lot, others are stuck in the same old rut.

CEOs think the worst is over

Brian Amble | 28 January 2010

CEOs the world over are confident that the worst of the recession has passed and that their businesses and their headcounts will grow during 2010. But what lessons have they learned from the crisis?

CEO pay rises hit the buffers

Brian Amble | 25 January 2010

For the first time in ten years, the bosses of the UK's largest companies enjoyed pay rises less than those of the average British worker in 2009.

Hourly-paid workers are happier

Brian Amble | 14 December 2009

It's often said that money doesn't bring happiness. But the truth could be more complicated, according to researchers at University of Toronto and Stanford University.

CEO pay immune from reality

Brian Amble | 30 September 2009

Between 2007 and 2008, the US stock market fell by 37 per cent and 2.6 million American jobs disappeared. But amid the economic chaos, one group has remained immune from the pain. For America's CEOs, the gravy train has just kept on flowing.

What can a college degree do for you?

Dan Bobinski | 26 August 2009

To those who might question the value of a college degree, please let me encourage you to 'go for it.' If you still don't think it's worth it, perhaps a few figures might persuade you otherwise.

Corporate culture and the new economics

Robert Heller | 21 August 2009

Reward for decision-makers has always been determined by vested interest. It obviously suits the men and women themselves to be paid enormous sums, irrespective of any rationale. But what can we do about it?

Expect pay raises to return next year

Nic Paton | 22 July 2009

Assuming the economic recovery does not get blown off course, most American managers could be looking forward to pay rises and bonuses again next year.

Performance-related pay doesn't encourage performance

Nic Paton | 25 June 2009

Rather than encouraging executives to work harder, performance-related pay may actually have the opposite effect. So isn't it time for a wholesale rethink?

Business and healthcare

Derek Torres | 22 June 2009

I've been following the healthcare reform debate in the United States from afar with great interest. Of all the arguments for and against, one voice has been particularly silent: that of management, such as CEOs, HR, CFOs, etc.

Health survivors

Derek Torres | 16 June 2009

In the US, where health care access is tied to your ability to stay employed in troubles times, life for many people is looking more and more like the TV show Survivor.

A creative approach to executive pay

Nic Paton | 09 June 2009

Companies need to get more imaginative if they are going to take the poison out of the debate over executive pay, perhaps by putting bonuses into locked accounts that only pay out if long-term targets are met.

Executive pay and excessive risk

Nic Paton | 05 June 2009

Executive pay and remuneration programmes have been slammed for encouraging the excessive risk-taking that brought the world economy to its knees

No sign of austerity in British boardrooms

Nic Paton | 03 June 2009

Amid all the talk of austerity, there has been precious little evidence of belt-tightening among Britain's top bosses over the past year, despite the value of their companies falling by a third.

Managers feeling pay squeeze

Nic Paton | 02 June 2009

More and more managers are seeing their wages being squeezed as firms direct scarce resources to rewarding sales staff or others who bring in revenue.

Employee engagement on a budget

Nic Paton | 18 May 2009

Employers are still in a tight financial corner when it comes to offering pay rises or bonuses, meaning managers are having to think more creatively about how they keep their employees engaged and happy.

Good looks, higher pay

Nic Paton | 15 May 2009

It's crashingly unfair of course, but if you have good looks as well as a good brain you are far more likely to be at the top of your pay scale.

Rethinking the power of money

Myra White | 14 April 2009

Despite the financial meltdown, many companies continue to claim that huge salaries and bonuses are essential to attracting and retaining talent. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Not only are people are not driven primarily by money, but the power of money can be deeply counter-productive.

Culture of fear?

Derek Torres | 30 March 2009

Unless you live on another planet, or don't have a bank account, it's hard to miss what's been going on with AIG. In fact, everyone else seems to have their 'expert' opinion on what went wrong and why, so there's no need for me to add to the chorus.

Exec pay curbs unlikely to assuage public anger

Nic Paton | 30 March 2009

The message may not yet have got through to an angry public, but many British and American boardrooms have been scrambling over the past few weeks to freeze executive pay and cap or slash bonuses.

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