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Retrain, award, retain

Derek Torres | 17 October 2008

Here's a great, yet seemingly obvious, way to get more out of your people based on the simple premise that giving staff a real chance at advancement will also boost their morale and productivity.

Guard your hive

Roberta Matuson | 03 June 2008

Your company has important resources that are worth protecting. They're called experienced workers. If this sector of your workforce flies out the door tomorrow, their wisdom Ė and that of others - will follow

Why does talent walk?

Myra White | 06 May 2008

Why do organizations have so much trouble hanging onto talented people? At the heart of the problem is the fact that talent and their managers are often competitors who are each striving to climb the same ladder to higher levels of the organization.

Extreme retention

Derek Torres | 01 May 2008

The labor shortage in parts of Australia has reached a point where employers are trying to find any way to entice their staff to stay on the job - including good old-fashioned bribery.

Retention strategies that won't break the bank

Bryan Alaspa | 07 April 2008

How does an employer keep their best workers without offering them huge raises or spending a fortune increasing the benefits program?

Third of American workers expect to quit this year

Nic Paton | 27 February 2008

A lack of career opportunities means that a third of American workers expect to quit their jobs by the end of the year.

Asian workers demand more

Nic Paton | 01 February 2008

Employees in booming Asian economies are demanding more money and better jobs - and they're happy to move and move again if they don't get what they want.

How to kill morale and start an exodus

Dan Bobinski | 31 January 2008

If you want to know how an apparently competent manager can preside over the destruction of team morale and productivity and the exodus of their best staff, this true story provides some salutary lessons.

U.S. workers are more loyal, but only when they're old

Nic Paton | 31 January 2008

Workers in Europe and Asia may have itchier feet than their counterparts in the U.S, but American employers still have plenty to worry about.

Quarter of UK senior managers want a new job

Nic Paton | 17 January 2008

Senior British managers claim they are happy enough with their jobs and salaries, yet that hasn't stopped more than a quarter of them looking for a new job in the past year.

How to hire, train, and retain great employees

Dan Bobinski | 09 January 2008

Accurate job descriptions are like stealth secret weapons for hiring, training, and retaining great employees. I guarantee whatever effort you put forth will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Weeding out the quitters

Brian Amble | 31 December 2007

For many human resources professionals, one wish that might well appear near the top of their list of new year's resolutions is to reduce employee turnover in the year ahead.

China struggling to hold on to its managers

Nic Paton | 12 November 2007

China's economy may be booming, but its managers are increasingly dissatisfied with their lot and ready to jump ship if they don't get what they want.

Welcome to the world of job-hopping

Nic Paton | 06 November 2007

Germans, French and Greeks swear by it. The British and Irish think it is over-rated. And for Americans it is virtually unheard of. What are we talking about? Job loyalty, of course.

Welcome to Generation Y

Nic Paton | 26 October 2007

As you may have noticed, they're demanding, don't take kindly to authority, expect high salaries and rapid promotion but want to work flexibly. Welcome to the 'Generation Y' workforce.

Managers fail to find out why staff leave

Nic Paton | 23 October 2007

Employers complain about not being able to hang on to top-performers, yet most don't make any effort to understand why staff join or leave.

Secrets, lies and career plans

Nic Paton | 10 October 2007

Few British managers are enlightened enough to encourage an atmosphere where workers feel free to discuss their aspirations.

Sliding loyalty causes retention headaches

Brian Amble | 25 September 2007

Look around the average workplace and it's a sobering thought that the proportion of employees who are uncommitted and likely to leave within two years outnumbers those who are truly loyal.

How to lose half your hires within a year

Nic Paton | 18 September 2007

Only a minority of American employers go the extra mile to help recruits settle in to their new jobs, meaning many walk out the door within a year.

Stock still the Holy Grail of executive compensation

Nic Paton | 17 September 2007

The granting of stock remains one of corporate America's most powerful financial thank-yous, with some executive teams now owning as much as eight per cent of the company.

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