Avoiding the perils of an accidental leader

Graham Jones | 25 Jul 2014
Many people get promoted to leadership roles because they are good at what they do but soon find themselves out of their depth. But an accidental leader need not be an accident waiting to happen if they can be equipped with some of the skills of ‘real’ leadership.

The Connected Manager

Leading remotely is still leading

Virtual teams may be shaking up organizational dynamics, but the fundamentals of how to lead a team are the same whether its members are all based in the same building as you or scattered across four continents.

Advice Clinic

How do I handle my nit-picking negative boss?

Bill's boss focuses only on the negative, dishing out a regular diet of nit-picking criticism that is as demoralizing as it is unfair. Coach Chris Welford explains how he can break the pattern by doing something different.

Culture starts at the top

James M. Kerr

It’s more than just dodgy ignition switches, GM’s leadership has produced a real lemon. When we start to examine the culture that has led to this sorry state of affairs, it’s clear that the rot starts at the top. But all is not lost - at least, not yet.

Are you a firecracker or a dud?

Peter Vajda

On this holiday weekend in the midst of fireworks and fun, how about taking a moment to reflect on how you're doing as a leader, manager or supervisor. Are you a sparkling firecracker or a fizzling dud?

Are you a builder or a climber?

Dan Bobinski

Over the years, dozens of different types of leaders have been identified. But as someone who believes that simpler is usually better, you can forget all of those because I've boiled down all those styles to just two basic types: Builders and Climbers.

Listening and being heard

Benn Abdy-Collins

Many of life’s problems stem from poor communication skills. When you choose to improve these, your life will change. And a good place to start is understanding that if you don’t listen to other people, don’t be surprised if they won't listen to you.

Suzanne Edinger | 23 Jul 2014

Cultivating social capital

Social capital is the currency of teamwork, lubricating the flow of knowledge around organizations. As people work together over time, you might assume this is something that develops naturally, but that’s not always true. So social capital needs to be nurtured if it is to grow.

Jurgen Wolff | 21 Jul 2014

Practice doesn’t make perfect

Can putting in 10,000 hours of practice make you a master of your craft? Malcolm Gladwell claimed it could, but sadly his assertion simply doesn’t hold water. Practice can’t make up for a lack of natural ability - which is why playing to your strengths is so important.

Peter Vajda | 18 Jul 2014

Silencing your inner critic

Inside every one of us there is a little voice that criticizes, judges and shames us, telling us that we’re deficient, bad or wrong. It’s merciless, damaging and it needs to be silenced.

Kevan Hall | 16 Jul 2014

Drowning in co-operation

Many organizations are suffering from an epidemic of co-operation. Their problem isn’t too little teamwork, it’s too much. Forget a lack of communication, the challenge now is how to separate the mass of trivia from the things that are really important.

Peter Vajda | 14 Jul 2014

We all need proper vacations

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Everyone needs a proper holiday. Taking real time out from work is a non-negotiable necessity if we're to to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.And that means turning off the phone and leaving the laptop at home.

Jurgen Wolff | 10 Jul 2014

The truth about failure

We hear a lot these days about the up-side of failure and how we can learn from it. But failure isn’t such a neutral experience, which is why nobody wants it. So perhaps it’s time we reconsidered our whole definition of what success and failure actually mean.

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