The creativity success manifesto

Jurgen Wolff | 29 Jan 2015
Whether you want to start a blog, write a best-seller or launch a new business venture, success in any kind of creative endeavour depends on some common factors. Understand and accept those factors and your chances of hitting the jackpot will be multiplied.

The Connected Manager

Getting virtual meetings to start on time

Why do webmeetings always seem to start late? The bad news is that there’s no silver bullet that will solve the problem. The good news is, there are some simple things you can do to help your odds of starting (and finishing) on time.

Advice Clinic

Balancing act

Members of a team that Maggie managed until recently have been complaining to her about their new boss and asking her to come back as their director. Should she share this feedback with the new director?

Quantum physics and quarky behavior

Kieran Hearty

If you want to understand some of the less acceptable aspects of human nature the answer may lie in quantum physics. But the same ‘quarkiness’ that explains bad behavior can also be used to energize and motivate those around us.

A new leadership renaissance?

Michael Jones

As we move into a new year, we are also moving from seeing our world as a machine to seeing it as a garden - a living ecosystem. And that’s a shift of mindset that will bring with it a new leadership renaissance.

The buck stops with you

Graham Scrivener

If you aspire to be a leader, you have to accept that you are where the buck stops. If you’re not prepared to take responsibility and be accountable, look for another role.

Your thoughts can catch you out

Janet Howd

When speaking to an audience, a little empathetic laughter can be a dangerous thing, causing even the most polished presenter to drop a verbal gaff that completely destroys the message they were hoping to get across.

Dan Bobinski | 26 Jan 2015

'Understanding' does not mean 'agreement'

One of the biggest stumbling blocks many of us make in communication is equating 'understanding' with 'agreement'. When differing opinions arise, the key is to acknowledge and try to understand opposing viewpoints. But that doesn't mean you have to agree with them, too.

Michael Jones | 20 Jan 2015

Soil, growth and the art of conversation

Like seeds, ideas can only germinate when conditions are right. And while most organizations aren’t short of ideas, they’re much less adept at enriching the soil to enable these ideas grow. What builds this soil is conversation. But not all conversations are the same.

David Livermore | 13 Jan 2015

Cultural intelligence in an age of terrorism

There are no easy answers to the hatred and rage that drives someone to kill a fellow human begin in cold blood simply because they disagree with them. So what is a culturally intelligent response to the horrific events in Paris last week?

Duane Dike | 12 Jan 2015

In praise of inconspicuous leadership

Many so-called leaders have an unhealthy interest in the outward trappings of their position. But the problem with conspicuous leadership is that it’s usually only skin deep. Real leadership is inconspicuous - and it’s about far more than status or measurable achievements.

Jude Miller Burke | 08 Jan 2015

Leading with grace

Newcomers in leadership positions often feel as if they’re wearing clothes that don’t quite fit. But the ability to mitigate this discomfort and to project a sense of calmness and clarity - even if you don’t feel it - is one of the keys to effective leadership.

James M. Kerr | 07 Jan 2015

12 differences between winning and losing leadership

Leaders can make or break an organization. Great leaders drive great organizations and great organizations produce great results. Less-than- stellar leaders usually deliver the opposite. So what characterizes winning and losing leadership styles?

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