Living the gift: an economy of generosity

Michael Jones | 22 Sep 2014
We lived and thrived for thousands of years in economies in which the primary mode of exchange was through our gifts, rather than through money. So what business might look like if we were rewarded not only for our productivity, but for our gifts and deeper humanity as well?

The Connected Manager

Virtual meetings are very, very real

If virtual meetings aren't real meetings, what are they? What purpose do they serve? So if we think about webmeetings and conferences as meetings first, and technology-enabled communication second, it could make a huge difference in the outcome.

Advice Clinic

How do I handle my nit-picking negative boss?

Bill's boss focuses only on the negative, dishing out a regular diet of nit-picking criticism that is as demoralizing as it is unfair. Coach Chris Welford explains how he can break the pattern by doing something different.

Get ready for the unexpected

Graham Scrivener

Change, especially when it is unexpected, commonly triggers anxiety, distraction and loss of motivation. But rather than simply ignoring the negative effects of change, surely it makes sense to help individuals to deal better with the uncomfortable and unpredictable.

Business blind spots

James M. Kerr

Many breakthrough ideas get ignored because business leaders are unable to grasp concepts that don't fit their expectations of what will work within their firm or industry. So how can we avoid these business blind spots?

Why change? Why not?

Duane Dike

One of the biggest mistakes business people make is executing the plan/do model. We plan, and then expect people to do. But questioning how we do things is vital, and we too easily forget about the exploration, thinking, mistaking, learning, testing and struggling that goes with change.

What’s stopping you from healing?

Peter Vajda

Many people claim they want to ‘heal’. In reality, however, what they’re actually looking for isn’t healing, it’s simply a quick-fix that can reduce their pain and suffering. That’s an important distinction, because true healing can be both challenging and threatening.

Peter Vajda | 19 Sep 2014

Keep on keeping on

It isn’t motivation that spurs us on to change, improve ourselves or to live an extraordinary life. Motivation is too transient for that. The most powerful energy is force of will, the staying power to keep on keeping on even when our motivation is absent or at a low ebb.

Max McKeown | 17 Sep 2014

Old habits die hard, new habits die easy

Habits are efficient. Organizations can't function without them - otherwise they would be constantly struggling to find an appropriate response to every situation no matter how many times they had experienced it. But how do you change an old habit or create a new one?

Peter Vajda | 15 Sep 2014

Author, heal thyself

Why do some people always seem to need to run other peoples' lives? Why do they prefer to tell others how to live their lives rather than getting to know themselves? And how can they close the book on other peoples' lives and start to author the book of their own?

David Livermore | 12 Sep 2014

So I’m biased. Now what?

We’re all biased. But an awareness of these biases doesn’t automatically lead to change or stop them creeping into everyday decisions. If you want to navigate through cultural situations with both respect and effectiveness, you need a plan to improve your cultural intelligence.

Michael Jones | 10 Sep 2014

Business: the enterprise of humanity

Business isn’t an exercise in numbers, it is an enterprise of humanity that is an inalienable part of life. So if we focus on taking care of the people in our enterprise and harness our intuitive capacity to co-create together, business will take care of itself.

Duane Dike | 08 Sep 2014

Education, baristas and employee turnover

The decision by Starbucks to help employees to complete a college degree is genius on many levels. The offer alone represents hope for a way out of the no-hope fast-food job cycle. But even if employees don't take up the offer, I'd wager morale, workmanship and turnover rates will all improve, too.

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