A formula for trust

John Blakey | 27 Apr 2016

What do we mean by 'trustworthy'? Academics have been arguing for years about what makes a leader trustworthy, but trust can really be boiled down to three clear attributes: ability, integrity and benevolence.

Leadership and the art of minimum force

Michael Jones

Sometimes by forcing less, we accomplish more. It is when we are at ease that life rushes in. So for leaders, instead of trying to impose their will based on what they believe ought to happen, perhaps they'd be better off going with the flow.

It's all about systems

Duane Dike

We humans operate in complicated structures called ‘systems’. And the ability to think critically about these systems is the root of all humor, creativity, drama and life.

When does cultural immersion go too far?

David Livermore

I’m a big advocate of getting to know a culture up close and moving beyond surface-level encounters. But I’m beginning to think that I ought to give up some of the cultural experiences I’d like to have because they may do more harm than good.

The myth of high performance

Dominic Irvine

The term ‘high performance’ is bandied about as if it is some mythical state which we can all attain if only we just try hard enough. But that’s nonsense. All performance is relative. Whether it is high or low is all about context.

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Lessons in trust from the Panama Papers leak

John Blakey | 06 Apr 2016

Ever since the 2008 crash, public anger and scepticism has been running like a river of lava beneath the fabric of our societies. And the Panama Papers leak is yet another nail in the coffin of popular trust in those in positions of leadership.

Cross-fitness for business agility

Christos Tsolkas

Every large organization wants to act more like a startup, but how can they help their people develop the drive, urgency and mental agility they need for a startup environment? One way is to develop a cross training program for business skills.

Regenerative leadership: learning from craftwork

Michael Jones

Every leader has some sort of theory being the way they lead. For some it might be military strategy or competitive sport. But for others, it is the regenerative and transformational notion of craftwork.

Are women's leadership assumptions holding them back?

Xiaowei Rose Luo

There has been a lot of discussion about the stereotypes contributing to the lack of women in the c-suite. But one of the biggest obstacles could be their own assumptions about the path they’re supposed to take.

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Book reviews

The Trusted Executive

John Blakey

The Trusted Executive is one of those books that changes the way you think about leadership. It’s not the first to extol the importance of trust as the essential trait of leaders, but few other authors have expounded such a comprehensive framework for building trustworthy organisations.

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News & Ideas

The flip-side of ethical conduct

Doing the right thing can lead to a backlash

Over a barrel: paying the price for cheap oil

Cheap oil is putting the giant oil companies under financial stress

Pfizer, Allergan and fiscal sleight of hand

Pfizer looks set to become the biggest tax deserter in U.S. history

Taking the fight to ISIS

“France is at war,” President Francois Hollande declared last week. But just what does that mean?

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The geopolitics of the steppes

Jean-François Fiorina, Associate-Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, talks to Central Asian specialist, writer and explorer, René Cagnat, about the changing geopolitics of a vast region of the globe that is often overlooked.

It’s a fake! Countering the counterfeiters

Counterfeiting has become a global epidemic. Pierre Delval, one of the world’s leading authorities on counterfeiting, talks to Jean-François Fiorina, Associate-Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, about the scale of problem and the measures we need to take to combat it.

Inspiring engagement through the power of stories

The gap between having a vision and inspiring others to help you achieve it is common to every business leader. Dawna Jones talks to Guido Palazzo, professor of business ethics at HEC Lausanne, about how stories can help you communicate your vision

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