The music of leadership

Michael Jones | 26 Jul 2016

Music is a powerful vibration. Too often our world seems filled with bits and fragments that don’t make sense. But then we hear the music that tells the story and our world feels coherent and whole again.

The road to Rio: three powerful leadership lessons

John Blakey

The road to Rio represents four years of dedication, hard work and suffering for thousands of athletes from around the world. But working with Olympic sports coaches can also offer valuable lessons for those of us leading businesses.

What corporate strategists need to know about synergies

Phanish Puranam

Large, multi-business firms need synergies. So understanding the distinctive “footprints” of four different types of synergy can help improve the way you value and implement corporate strategies.

Redesigning for resilience

Giles Hutchins

In an environment of endemic uncertainty and constant change, business-as-usual is no longer an option. Instead, living systems principles make for better financial returns and longer-term resilience.

How #Nowist are you?

Max McKeown

We all live between the past and the future. And we all have two mindsets. The Nowist gives us the ability to take action and keep moving; the Thenist lets us imagine the past and the future. The secret is to get the two in balance.

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Dismissing the notion of insubordination

Rod Collins | 12 Jul 2016

The biggest step a business can take to make sure it sustains high performance is to limit the authority of bosses. A healthy culture is one in which ideas and information flow freely. So no single individual should have the authority to kill a good idea or to keep a bad idea alive.

Focus on the positives

Duane Dike

Why do we feel the need to wallow in the negative? So many good things happen in our lives, but our work-world tends to drive toward the negative and the non-productive.

Taking the terror out of talking

Janet Howd

Apple’s new Breathe app is designed to help reduce stress through deep breathing. But breathing is also critical to taking the terror out of speaking or presenting in public.

Too much information, too little communication

Craig Smith

Half the human brain is dedicated to attaching meaning to visual images. So doesn’t it make sense to use more visualisation to cut down on today’s endemic information overload?

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Book reviews

The Trusted Executive

John Blakey

The Trusted Executive is one of those books that changes the way you think about leadership. It’s not the first to extol the importance of trust as the essential trait of leaders, but few other authors have expounded such a comprehensive framework for building trustworthy organisations.

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News & Ideas

Management and meaning

Managers don’t have any role in creating a sense of meaningfulness at work

The flip-side of ethical conduct

Doing the right thing can lead to a backlash

Over a barrel: paying the price for cheap oil

Cheap oil is putting the giant oil companies under financial stress

Pfizer, Allergan and fiscal sleight of hand

Pfizer looks set to become the biggest tax deserter in U.S. history

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The geopolitics of the steppes

Jean-François Fiorina, Associate-Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, talks to Central Asian specialist, writer and explorer, René Cagnat, about the changing geopolitics of a vast region of the globe that is often overlooked.

It’s a fake! Countering the counterfeiters

Counterfeiting has become a global epidemic. Pierre Delval, one of the world’s leading authorities on counterfeiting, talks to Jean-François Fiorina, Associate-Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, about the scale of problem and the measures we need to take to combat it.

Inspiring engagement through the power of stories

The gap between having a vision and inspiring others to help you achieve it is common to every business leader. Dawna Jones talks to Guido Palazzo, professor of business ethics at HEC Lausanne, about how stories can help you communicate your vision

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