Your thoughts can catch you out

Janet Howd | 18 Dec 2014
When speaking to an audience, a little empathetic laughter can be a dangerous thing, causing even the most polished presenter to drop a verbal gaff that completely destroys the message they were hoping to get across.

The Connected Manager

Five end-of-year questions for remote managers

At some point in the year we all need to stop, reflect on what’s happened and what looms ahead. And given that another year is looming, in that spirit of reflection, here are five questions all team leaders should ask themselves

Advice Clinic

How do I handle my nit-picking negative boss?

Bill's boss focuses only on the negative, dishing out a regular diet of nit-picking criticism that is as demoralizing as it is unfair. Coach Chris Welford explains how he can break the pattern by doing something different.

Why it's good to bring your emotions to work

Roxi Bahar Hewertson

Emotions are an integral part of being human. Without emotion there is no energy and no action. So far from leaving them at home, emotions are critical to the success of an enterprise and need to be acknowledged, valued and understood - even the ‘inconvenient’ ones.

Good change, bad change

Max McKeown

If the impact of change can't be simply defined, be on your guard. If it hasn't been created with the knowledge of those who are expected to implement it then fear for the worst. And if it reverses the best things about the organisation, then it's really time to start worrying.

Rediscovering a mythic worldview

Michael Jones

Our worldviews are mostly framed through the lenses of politics, power, strategy and structure. The same themes shape our views about leadership. But perhaps we need to view ourselves not as dominant, but as an integral part of the circle of life.

Three steps for surviving a sick organization

Peter Vajda

How can individuals can survive in a dysfunctional workplace? Here's a simple but powerful approach that can help you find more peace of mind and reduce the stress caused by a toxic working environment.

Michael Jones | 15 Dec 2014

A gift from a stranger

As we enter the season of celebration and gift-sharing, consider leaving a space at the table for the stranger: the one who communicates intangible gifts in the form of emotional truths about ourselves that we may not discover on our own.

Christine Noël Lemaitre | 10 Dec 2014

Law, ethics and Aristotle's ghost

What impact does employment law have on organisational and personal ethics? And does legislation encourage or stifle innovation? With a vast array of labour laws and a reputation for legislative overload, a good place to look for answers is to ask the French.

Duane Dike | 08 Dec 2014

Morale: a moving target

What we think we know about morale is probably wrong, especially the black and white notion that morale is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Like most human feelings, morale is a moving target, which is why being sensitive to its nuances is such a key skill for leaders.

MJ Gottlieb | 04 Dec 2014

10 mistakes entrepreneurs make

Telling an entrepreneur what to do or how to run their business is an exercise in futility. But pointing out the mistakes of others so that they know what NOT to do is a different matter entirely.

Max McKeown | 02 Dec 2014

All new ideas are made of old ideas

Everything new is made from something old. Nature has mixed and remixed matter to arrive at our current universe. Mankind has mixed and remixed ideas to arrive at our current global society. So if we want to make the future better, we need to look for new combinations of old ideas.

Janet Howd | 25 Nov 2014

The act of presentation

Managers who are expected to give presentations can learn an enormous amount from the techniques of acting. So forget the Powerpoint slides for a moment and take some lessons from the stage...

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