Listening skills: what I learned from a primate

Duane Dike | 22 Apr 2014
Most of what I know about listening I learned as a kid from my adopted little sister, Rosie. That's surprising, because Rosie was a monkey. And while I never learned to speak long-tailed macaque, that never stopped us communicating.

The Connected Manager

Are you playing 'Game of Cubicles'?

Maybe I'm getting a little obsessed, but I can't help noticing the similarities between corporate politics and "Game of Thrones ". I even came up with a name for it. So how well do you play the "Game of Cubicles"?

Advice Clinic

From adversary to teammate

Sanjay is being driven to distraction by his boss who he feels has perfected the art of "harassment by procrastination". But as Dawna Jones suggests, perhaps Sanjay should view this difficult relationship as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a source of frustration.

Flipping the organization

James M. Kerr

It is time to adopt an upside-down view of how organizations work. That means focusing resources on the front-line staff who deliver to customers, not on executives who primarily manage the spin among the investment community.

Perspective under pressure

Paul Kirkham

When a business is under pressure it can be hard to see the wood from the trees - even more so if you have your own emotional and financial interests at stake. Perhaps it's time to learn some lessons about risk and pressure from professional poker players.

10 Ds of customer differentiation

Andy Hanselman

We're often told to segment our markets, but how? By size, age, sector, location? Here's a different way to look at your potential and actual customers to get you thinking about the sort of customers you want – and the ones you don't.

The 'road not taken' resume

John C. Read

A resume is supposed to be a perfect sales document, a record of our abilities and achievements. But there's much to be gained by trying to craft an entirely different sort of resume – one that explores what we decided not to do, rather than what we did.

Jurgen Wolff | 16 Apr 2014

Six signposts to greater creativity

How others describe their creative process can be a useful guide for our own journey to greater creativity. So here are six quotes about creativity and some practical ideas to help us put their messages to work.

John C. Read | 15 Apr 2014

The 'dark side' resume

In the five centuries since the resume was invented, it is unlikely that any have been written to showcase a person's weaknesses. But crafting a dark side resume can be very illuminating. Just don't show it to anyone else!

David Livermore | 14 Apr 2014

The right sort of travel can boost your career

As we know, travel broadens the mind. And according to a new study, adapting to and learning about new cultures can also boost your job prospects But it's important to note that not all travel experiences are created equal!

Chris Merrington | 09 Apr 2014

Riding the wave of the upturn

With the economy recovering, now is the time to take a hard look at your business. Isn't it time you tackled dysfunctional client relationships, put a stop to scope-creep and over-servicing and – dare we say it –even increased your prices?

James M. Kerr | 09 Apr 2014

Going flat: the re-imagined organization

Zappos announcement that it transforming itself into a self-governing "holacracy " where there are no job titles and no managers is only the latest example of a company rejecting a traditional structure. And as organizations evolve, it won't be the last.

Janet Howd | 07 Apr 2014

Clear and present danger

Human beings are social animals. They need real, physical contact with others, not just the often-spurious connections made online. So neglecting real connections means neglecting who we really are.

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