Submission Guidelines is always on the look out for quality contributors keen to share their insights into the changing world of work.

Please note that we only run opinion pieces by named authors. We do not accept "guest posts" that are veiled adverts or intended to generate links for a third party and we are highly unlikely to publish a piece that has appeared elsewhere.

Articles should be advice- or opinion-led rather than promoting a specific product or service. Similarly, they should not contain links promoting a company, product or service (although links to relevant external resources such as research or news stories are welcome).

All pieces should be accompanied by an author bio and photograph (headshot). Please include any links to the author's website, Twitter feed and / or Google+ account etc.

To submit an article, you first need to send us a synopsis of the piece outlining what you want to write about and the range of issues that you plan to address to: .


Please do not send us physical copies of books. If you'd like to pitch a book for coverage or review, contact us on the editorial email above.

White Papers

The Management-Issues white paper section hosts white papers from any company or individual with expert knowledge of the broad range of issues we cover here. Our editorial staff will post only those white papers which we feel will provide useful information to the Management-Issues audience.

Management-Issues will not post press releases, marketing collateral, or product descriptions. All content within the white paper section is served from the web site.

To submit your white papers, email them to: [email protected]. Please include the following information with each white paper:

  • Title
  • Three-to-five sentence summary
  • Author name, company name
  • Published date

White Papers should ONLY be submitted as PDF files.

To learn about sponsoring a featured white paper with lead generation opportunities, please email [email protected]

Our editorial team will post and categorize white papers at its discretion, within seven days of your submission. We will, of course, let you know when your paper has been added to the library.