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Every team needs communication rules

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 21 Aug 2014

It doesn't matter what you call it, the fact is that every team needs is a set of communication guidelines to help them work together more effectively. So what does one of these communication agreements look like - and how do you go about creating one?

Improving your remote coaching sessions

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 13 Aug 2014

We all know how important it is for managers to coach team members. But with remote teams, coaching conversations can be particularly tough to get right. Here’s how to get round the lack of non-verbal cues to make your remote coaching sessions more effective.

Too much one-on-one can damage team dynamics

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 05 Aug 2014

Good managers understand the importance of “one-on-ones”. But what if we are spending so much time on individual communication that we inadvertently create a problem for the team as a whole?

How wide is the digital skills gap?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 29 Jul 2014

As any long-suffering IT support pro will tell you, many people use technology unbelievably badly. Just how badly is a real shock. So how long does it take to recognize that this skills gap is a real problem and to address it in a way that gets you some of your wasted time and money back?

Leading remotely is still leading

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 21 Jul 2014

Virtual teams may be shaking up organizational dynamics, but the fundamentals of how to lead a team are the same whether its members are all based in the same building as you or scattered across four continents.

Binary choices, poor decisions

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 08 Jul 2014

Choices don’t have to be binary. So embracing webinars and virtual meetings doesn’t mean you’ll never get together in person again. Nor does opting for a face-to-face meeting mean you have to turn your back on the wonders of technology.

Leading when you're not the boss

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 01 Jul 2014

Most of what we hear about leadership is about leading people who work for us or with us. But what do you do when the people most in need of coaching and guidance outrank you? How do you do that in a way that ensures you will still have a job?

Five ways to derail your remote meeting

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 24 Jun 2014

Video conferences and webmeetings often feel like a bit of a train wreck. And that’s because they often get off to such a bad start. There are at least five things that can derail virtual meetings before they’ve even begun: here’s what they are and how to avoid them.

Project management: it's the people, stupid

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 10 Jun 2014

Many project managers forget that at the end of the day, every single milestone and box on their Gantt chart depends on people. So project managers who can’t manage people are in for a long, tough haul.

Should meetings be fun?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 04 Jun 2014

Enjoying work means not being completely miserable, especially with the other human beings on your team. Which is why meetings can actually be fun - as long as you don't confuse 'fun' with 'fluff'.

Five reasons not to have a meeting

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 29 May 2014

We all complain about how much time we waste in meetings. But some meetings do have a point and there are lots of good reasons to have one. Equally, though, there are some compelling reasons not to.

Do you love your team?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 20 May 2014

Don't take this the wrong way, but how do you feel about the members of your team? Do you like them? All of them? Now, let's take it further. Do you love them?

How different is leading remotely?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 14 May 2014

There's no doubt that leading a remote team is different to working with people in the same office. But for a competent team leader, the differences aren't as great as you might think.

Time to meet like you mean it

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 01 May 2014

It's one of the great unanswered questions of the workplace. If the main purpose of our having a job is to get work done and the meetings aren't part of that work, why do we have so many of them?

Are you playing 'Game of Cubicles'?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 22 Apr 2014

Maybe I'm getting a little obsessed, but I can't help noticing the similarities between corporate politics and "Game of Thrones ". I even came up with a name for it. So how well do you play the "Game of Cubicles"?

Is team technology a barrier or an excuse?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 17 Apr 2014

Technology is often used as an excuse for the poor management of remote teams. While it can certainly be a barrier, understanding team dynamics and offering training and resources can eliminate most of these. That just leaves the excuses.

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