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Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel is a speaker, writer and co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute. He’s passionate about helping people present, sell and lead people and projects using today’s virtual communication technology. His books include Meet Like You Mean It - a Leader’s Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings. Wayne is based in Chicago, IL.

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North America's accent problem

04 Oct 2016

As a Canadian who spends a lot of time on international conference calls and webinars, it's impossible not to notice that almost everyone can deal with foreign accents except (North) Americans.

The hidden history of remote working

20 Sep 2016

Forget Gartner studies and erudite articles in HBR, the way we work remotely today has come about through guesswork and trial-and-error. It was never planned - which is why organizations have a hard time dealing with it.

What to say when your kid becomes a manager

13 Sep 2016

I had one of those moments of intense pride followed by a blinding flash of panic this week. My kid has gotten her first real big-girl management job. There are a few things I’d like to tell her - but she won’t listen, of course.

Office politics when you're not in an office

31 Aug 2016

People who work remotely often view the absence of office politics as a real plus. But they’re wrong. An understanding of organizational and inter-personal dynamics is a critical part of that thing called ‘work’. You avoid such things at your peril.

Five ways to present like an Olympian

23 Aug 2016

Being right is no guarantee of success when trying to sway others. When putting information across to others, you need to be clear, organized, appealing, in control and deliver in ways that boost your credibility.

Presenting online is still presenting

05 Aug 2016

Presenting online is more like a traditional presentation than most people think. But too often, those delivering webinars, webmeetings and virtual training do so in just about the least effective manner possible.

Learning from Demosthenes

27 Jul 2016

If you’re looking for a role model for how to conduct yourself as a business person and a human being, my vote is for a lawyer who pounded the streets of ancient Athens 2300 years ago. Yup, Demosthenes is my boy.

How much do you waste on email?

08 Jul 2016

How much time does the average employee spend on email each day? You’d think that’s a simple question, demanding a simple answer. But it’s not.

Emotional capital and remote teams

01 Jul 2016

Why do some teams seem to form great working relationships and use technology seamlessly to make work a pleasure and create great relationships? The secret is something called “emotional capital.”

Why logic doesn't apply when rolling out new tech

22 Jun 2016

As anyone who has ever done a tech rollout will tell you, choosing the hardware or software is the easy part. Actually getting people to use it is where it all goes wrong.

Intuitive technology? Don't make me laugh!

10 Jun 2016

Most software is far from being ‘intuitive’. It might make sense to the engineers who designed it, but the rest of us aren’t engineers and we aren't born automatically knowing how to use complex systems.

A whole new ballgame?

19 May 2016

Adopting teleworking or distributed teams might seem like a whole new ball game. In fact, it’s the same game, but played on a slightly different field. WHAT managers do doesn’t really change. HOW they do it is where the difference lies.

The 'golden suggestion' for managers

28 Apr 2016

The old saying “do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you” Is fine advice. But when it comes to management, this golden rule is flawed. Let me explain why it doesn’t stack up.

Accountability is more important than accounting

22 Apr 2016

What's more important: that people are working on exactly what you want them working on at that exact moment, or that important tasks and outputs are done on time and team goals are met?

Do you run meetings or lead them?

13 Apr 2016

Any meeting, whether in a conference room or online, can be run. But successful meetings need to be led - and there is a huge difference between running a meeting and leading one.

Staying on track isn't easy

05 Apr 2016

It's surprising how often teams lose sight of their goals. There are plenty of reasons, and maybe understanding some of the most common will help you and your team reassess where you are headed.

The cost of bad meetings

21 Mar 2016

Bad meetings cost companies billions of dollars every year. But this waste is easily avoidable if only we'd all ask ourselves a couple of basic questions and think a little more about how and why we have meetings.

Five reasons remote teams fail

29 Feb 2016

Leading a remote team isn’t that different to leading a co-located one. But we do have to re-think how we do certain things. Here are five ways you can get that wrong.

Code is easier than people

16 Feb 2016

Going from being a ‘doer’ to being a manager isn’t easy. Experts are seldom aware of how they achieve their level of excellence. But managing others demands interpersonal and communication skills that need to be worked on.

Teaching young'uns about tech

01 Feb 2016

We often hear that ‘older' workers won’t adopt new tech while younger ones are 'digital natives'. But it isn’t that simple. There’s plenty that us ‘oldies’ can teach the young'uns about the efficient use of technology at work.