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Are you playing 'Game of Cubicles'?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 22 Apr 2014

Maybe I'm getting a little obsessed, but I can't help noticing the similarities between corporate politics and "Game of Thrones ". I even came up with a name for it. So how well do you play the "Game of Cubicles"?

Is team technology a barrier or an excuse?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 17 Apr 2014

Technology is often used as an excuse for the poor management of remote teams. While it can certainly be a barrier, understanding team dynamics and offering training and resources can eliminate most of these. That just leaves the excuses.

Who's afraid of running a webmeeting?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 10 Apr 2014

Many people suffer from an irrational fear of running a webinar or remote meeting. Since this is a very real barrier to team success, its worth exploring what it is that people are afraid of and how to get over these fears.

Open questions, open communication

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 03 Apr 2014

Working remotely, we just don't get any of those tell-tale non-verbal signals we see in a meeting room - the furtive looks, the eye contact or the nodding heads. That's why asking open questions is one of the most critical skills a manager of a remote team can possess.

Five core skills for remote leaders

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 26 Mar 2014

The demands of leading a team who don't share a common location or time zone are an order of magnitude more difficult than if they are in the same building. That calls for additional leadership skills on top of those normally needed.

Simple ways to engage remote team members

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 21 Mar 2014

The reasons people become disengaged are numerous and infuriatingly complex. But there are some simple ways to pre-empt this that are particularly useful when you're team isn't in the same place at the same time.

Why virtual teams need special treatment

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 11 Mar 2014

The dynamics of working remotely are not the same as working face-to-face. So if you deal with a remote team in the same way as a co-located one, don't be surprised when the same leadership behaviors elicit different results.

Does your remote team really know each other?

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 25 Feb 2014

With today's fluid working environment, team members often don't know the strengths and weaknesses of the people they work with. And paradoxically, the fact that we are all tethered together electronically can make it even harder to get to know them.

Social interaction and remote teams

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 12 Feb 2014

Social interaction makes us happier and more productive. But that's a real issue when you're working remotely. So what can remote teams do to enhance interaction and create a good psychological environment to foster interaction and creativity?

Why better webmeetings matter

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 04 Feb 2014

Studies tell us that most people think two-thirds of the time they spend in web meetings is wasted. That means organizations are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars down the tube every year because they can't or won't make their web meetings better. And that makes me angry.

Turn your subject matter experts into webinar wizards

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 29 Jan 2014

Many companies today are doing more internal training with in-house Subject Matter Experts. But while webinars are a terrific tool for leveraging the brainpower in an organization, sometimes these sessions don't turn out to be quite as successful as we would like.

Three keys to a successful remote team

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 21 Jan 2014

There are three factors that make up a successful remote team. Each is equally important. And while a remote team won't function without technology, that's only one piece of the jigsaw.

Permission the secret of better webmeetings

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 14 Jan 2014

All good webmeeting platforms allow you to set permissions for what attendees can and can't do while they're online. And if you don't give people permission to use the tools available to them, you'll never get the most out of the experience.

Remote working and the deep freeze

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 09 Jan 2014

Even a few years ago, this week's mini-ice age would have seen most America businesses shut down completely. But not now. Those who were prepared to work remotely were able to carry on almost as normal. Those that didn't will be figuratively and literally digging out for days.

Managing time in meetings

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 03 Jan 2014

Often when running a meeting - be it physical or virtual - we can get so focused on "getting everything done" in the allotted time slot that we forget to focus on what it is we're actually supposed to accomplish.

Giving your team an annual physical

by Wayne Turmel | posted: 18 Dec 2013

Once a year, most of us head to the doctor for an annual physical. Your team needs a regular examination, too, and for the same reasons. That's even more true if you have team members who work remotely, where problems can arise unnoticed.

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