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Less ‘we’, more ‘me’

by Brian Amble | posted: 16 Sep 2014

Privacy is a universal, basic need. But after decades of open plan offices and an unrelenting drive for shared work spaces, the number one complaint from office workers is that a lack of privacy is undermining their ability to do their jobs.

Stress, engagement and productivity

by Brian Amble | posted: 05 Sep 2014

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower levels of engagement, are less productive and have higher absentee levels than those not operating under excessive pressure, new research has found.

The bottom line on radical management

by Dawna Jones | posted: 09 Jun 2014

Why are companies adopting radical management methods? Dawna Jones talks to Helen Walton of tech start-up Gamevy and Geoff McDonald from global giant Unilever, about what motivates two very different organisations to explore new ways of managing.

Exploding the myths of holocracy

by Dawna Jones | posted: 22 May 2014

Until US online shoe and clothing shop Zappos announced that it was embracing it as an organizational structure, you had probably never heard the term 'holocracy'. So what does holacracy do that traditional hierarchies and structures can't?

If you want to be a leader, you need the right kit!

by Brian Amble | posted: 24 Apr 2014

If you want to be seen as a leader, you need to portray the right image to other people. And these days, it seems that 'image' is all about been seen to have the right gadgets.

Half of women report harassment at work

by Brian Amble | posted: 02 Apr 2014

Half of women claim they have experienced bullying or harassment at work over the past three years, according to a survey of 25,000 women, with much of this harassment coming from other women. And the problem extends right up to board level.

Is your succession plan a work of fiction?

by Brian Amble | posted: 18 Mar 2014

Six out of 10 companies say they have succession plans in place for their key executives. Yet eight out of 10 senior executives quizzed for a new survey said that their company would not be able to replace them quickly if they needed to.

Knowledge-hoarding is a no-win proposition

by Brian Amble | posted: 11 Mar 2014

If you try to hide what you know from your colleagues, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Because according to new research, knowledge-hoarding is counter-productive, damaging both trust and creativity.

Another nail in the performance review coffin

by Brian Amble | posted: 26 Feb 2014

No-one likes or benefits from a negative performance review, new research has found, and a critical evaluation can have a negative effect on any employee, even those normally motivated to learn and improve.

Flexible workers are overwhelmingly men

by Brian Amble | posted: 24 Feb 2014

Far from being dominated by women juggling work and childcare, the ranks of remote workers in the US are overwhelmingly made up of men, a new survey has found.

Inspiration, not perspiration

by Brian Amble | posted: 13 Feb 2014

For senior executives, it's inspiration, not perspiration, that matters. More precisely, the ability to motivate and lead others is the most important skill that boards are looking for when they make senior appointments, far more so than their ability to be a "top performer".

When love is in the air

by Brian Amble | posted: 07 Feb 2014

Given how much time most of us spend there, it's not surprising that our offices can be fertile breeding grounds for romantic intrigue. But what influences how such liaisons are perceived by coworkers?

Three steps to better innovation

by Brian Amble | posted: 03 Feb 2014

Open innovation doesn't just happen by magic. Companies that want to encourage more open and participatory innovation need to nurture and support it. And according to a new study, that can be done in just three simple steps.

Corporate integrity undermined by the pursuit of shareholder value

by Brian Amble | posted: 23 Jan 2014

Higher levels of corporate integrity lead to better outcomes and greater profitability. But a new study suggests with an excessive focus on shareholder value means that public companies are less able to maintain their "integrity capital".

Do narcissists make good leaders?

by Brian Amble | posted: 17 Jan 2014

Vision, confidence and pride in one's own accomplishments are all desirable leadership traits. But they're also signs of a narcissist. Which is why a new study has tried to come up with a definitive answer to the question: do narcissists make good leaders?

Exercise can help your work-life balance

by Brian Amble | posted: 13 Jan 2014

The role that exercise can play in helping to reduce stress is well-known. But new research has found that exercise also helps us 'detach' from work and can empower us to feel that we have better work-life balance.

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