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Managing risks in a hyper-connected world

07 Jun 2018 | Rod Collins

As we all know, risk is a fact of life. But as the world becomes more connected, new risks have emerged that demand new tools to mitigate them and to thwart a new generation of threats.

Digital transformation: from worker to gamer

06 Feb 2018 | Rod Collins

Digital transformation is likely to bring with it a dramatic reduction in traditional employment. But will also see the emergence of a radically different economic role: that of the gamer.

The human-machine symbiosis

24 Jan 2018 | Rod Collins

Machines are becoming more humanlike. But rather than posing a threat to mankind, could this reformulation of the human-machine symbiosis spark a renaissance of humanity?

An evolutionary leap in human intelligence?

04 Jan 2018 | Rod Collins

Digital Transformation is arguably the most far-reaching socio-economic revolution in human history. But most of us remain blind to the real magnitude of the changes this will bring.

Is blockchain the future of IT?

21 Dec 2017 | Rod Collins

Because it extinguishes the ‘power of one’, blockchain is game-changing systems architecture that looks set to revolutionize the way we build IT systems.

Why the Internet of Things changes everything

26 Oct 2017 | Rod Collins

We are on the cusp of the second wave of the digital revolution, one which promises to be far more transformative than the first and which will change the fundamental dynamics of how our social structures work.

Five simple, curmudgeonly email rules

01 Sep 2017 | Wayne Turmel

Many things in life are necessary but annoying - especially email. So here are five simple things everyone can do with their emails that will help make everyone less generally cranky:

The second wave of the digital revolution

12 Jan 2017 | Rod Collins

Thanks to the internet, we have experienced more change in the past 16 years than in the previous five decades of the last century. But that's nothing compared to what the second wave of the digital revolution will bring.

Why logic doesn't apply when rolling out new tech

22 Jun 2016 | Wayne Turmel

As anyone who has ever done a tech rollout will tell you, choosing the hardware or software is the easy part. Actually getting people to use it is where it all goes wrong.

Intuitive technology? Don't make me laugh!

10 Jun 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Most software is far from being ‘intuitive’. It might make sense to the engineers who designed it, but the rest of us aren’t engineers and we aren't born automatically knowing how to use complex systems.

Teaching young'uns about tech

01 Feb 2016 | Wayne Turmel

We often hear that ‘older' workers won’t adopt new tech while younger ones are 'digital natives'. But it isn’t that simple. There’s plenty that us ‘oldies’ can teach the young'uns about the efficient use of technology at work.

Why smart people resist new technology

22 Dec 2015 | Wayne Turmel

Technology is supposed to give us new, faster, better or easier ways to get our job done. So why, then, are smart, competent, motivated people often so reluctant to adopt new workplace tools?

Cybersecurity: weighing the risks

03 Nov 2015 | David Nowacki

If you run any sort of company, organization, agency or public body, you’re expected to have answers. So do you have an answer for this? How does your organization assess cybersecurity risks?

Cutting your team some Slack (or Yammer), or whatever

06 Oct 2015 | Wayne Turmel

Collaboration tools like Slack, Yammer or Lync claim to make team communication more efficient. But how do they differ from good old Instant Messaging, webcam, or webmeeting platforms? And how can you get the best out of them in the real world?

Better stoned than multitasking?

14 Jul 2015 | Wayne Turmel

Multitasking, we’re told, makes you even less effective than you would be if you were stoned on marijuana. But how can you reduce the negative effects of gadget overload when most of your communication relies on technology?

Why smart people resist technology

30 Apr 2015 | Wayne Turmel

A healthy skepticism towards the 'latest and greatest' is nothing new. Smart people have been resisting buying or implementing new technology for thousands of years for reasons that haven’t changed much since Roman times.

Dealing with 'app fatigue'

02 Feb 2015 | Wayne Turmel

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out on technology? You’re not alone. There are literally thousands of productivity apps out there, but is this onslaught of tools actually doing anything to solve our communication challenges?

How wide is the digital skills gap?

29 Jul 2014 | Wayne Turmel

As any long-suffering IT support pro will tell you, many people use technology unbelievably badly. Just how badly is a real shock. So how long does it take to recognize that this skills gap is a real problem and to address it in a way that gets you some of your wasted time and money back?

If you want to be a leader, you need the right kit!

24 Apr 2014 | Brian Amble

If you want to be seen as a leader, you need to portray the right image to other people. And these days, it seems that 'image' is all about been seen to have the right gadgets.

Who's afraid of the science of shopping?

12 Feb 2014 | Nicola Hunt

Whether it's personalised bill-boards, talking windows or mobile phones that know what product we're looking at in a store, the future of shopping has already arrived. And as we hear in this interview with Dr David Lewis, the neuro-psychologist who invented the science of shopping, that's only the beginning.