Sign of the times

29 Sep 2011 | Brian Amble

It's sad sign of the times that greeting card manufacturer, Hallmark, has launched a range of cards intended to cheer up someone who has just lost their job.

Middle-aged managers most vulnerable to redundancy

14 Jul 2009 | Nic Paton

With new research suggesting that it may be 2013 before we start to see any significant upturn in employment, middle-aged managers in their 40s and 50s will remain especially vulnerable to the axe.

Redundant workers have a six-month shelf-life

17 Jun 2009 | Nic Paton

If you are unfortunate enough to have lost your job recently, take heed of new research that warns you've got six months at most before the stigma of being branded long-term unemployed starts to kick in.

More into less won't go

01 Jun 2009 | Derek Torres

Once again it's time to discuss a survey that needn't ever take place, because the results were so obvious - the effects of layoffs on those left behind.

A climate of fear

25 May 2009 | Derek Torres

Fear can make people do funny things, especially if their livelihood is on the line. But, let's be honest, as the economy has slowed down to a crawl, is this fear really rational?

Don't let the dark side of recession take you

27 Apr 2009 | Nic Paton

Managing too many redundancies can leave managers emotionally numb and distanced from their teams. So it is vital that organisations do more to ensure that managers don't lose their humanity.

Re-org agony

17 Apr 2009 | Derek Torres

I can say, hand on heart, that there are few more unpleasant moments in one's career than having to wait out a company re-organization.

A reality we don't need

15 Apr 2009 | Derek Torres

If you live in America, then you certainly know that you can always count on Fox TV to act with total class. In keeping with their long tradition of quality programming, now they're launching a reality television show around layoffs.

Doing good when the job market goes bad

19 Mar 2009 | Bryan Alaspa

With the job market going down the tubes, professionals across the board are looking for things to do with their time. Those who once enjoyed six-figure salaries are now volunteering their time to help those in need.

Hanging onto your top performers

19 Mar 2009 | Derek Torres

Surely it is just common sense to keep your best talent if you want a company to survive an economic downturn? After all, your best performers are also the people who'll find it easiest to secure a job elsewhere.

Acting unemployed

16 Mar 2009 | Janet Howd

With many able individuals finding themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, its worth remembering that actors have a thing or two to teach the rest of us about maintaining standards of performance and self-worth during long periods of unemployment.

Four months to change your life

10 Mar 2009 | Nic Paton

Just been laid off? Job looking a bit insecure? You may not want to know therefore that most out-of-work executives now expect it will take them at least four months to land a new job, and some as long as seven.

Supporting survivors

03 Mar 2009 | Derek Torres

Instead of just expecting workplace survivors to get on with things as normal, we need to realize that people who come close to losing their jobs face a whole set of psychological issues of their own.

Are layoffs finally bottoming out?

27 Feb 2009 | Nic Paton

Organisations may still be desperate to cut costs, but there are signs that many have now completed their wave of mass layoffs and redundancies - for now at least.

Redundancy: the cycle of grief

03 Feb 2009 | Gareth Chick

The key to handling redundancy well is recognising that the effect of losing a job or a trusted colleague is similar to the grief of losing a loved one. So what can you do to mitigate the cycle of grief?

How to avoid death by a thousand cuts

02 Feb 2009 | Nic Paton

Cutting staff numbers may seem like a way to trim costs in a recession. But it can often backfire, leading to a much greater exodus than you intended and a collapse in morale and performance.

Stating the obvious

30 Jan 2009 | Derek Torres

According to management consultants, people tend to be demotivated and lethargic after surviving a layoff. Being a professional web site, I won't print what blurted out of my mouth upon reading that.

Protecting your job

27 Jan 2009 | Bryan Alaspa

With the economy in the state it is right now, anything you can do to make sure it isn't your head on the block if more cuts come is going to be welcome. Here are some tips.

Keeping a level head

23 Jan 2009 | Derek Torres

Whether you're in N. America, Asioa or Europe, the game remains the same and it's important to keep a level head during these trying times - especially if the worst happens and you loose your job.

The challenge of enforced idleness

20 Jan 2009 | Nic Paton

Firms large and small and on both sides of the Atlantic are looking at shorter working weeks and reduced hours as a desperate alternative to redundancies.