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Nov 22 2016 by Dawna Jones Print This

Dawna talks to Giles Hutchins, author of 'Future Fit', about creating companies that are fit to surf the uncertainties of today's reality.

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Dawna talks to Giles Hutchins, a systems thinker, speaker and author of 'Future Fit'. Future Fit refers to the leadership mindset needed to move from 'Business as Usual' to companies that are fit to surf the uncertainties of today's reality - companies that focus is on who you are versus what you are.

They discuss:

  • The awakening of the leadership instinct.
  • Why 'business as usual' is over and more executives are releasing the urgency of doing something different.
  • The fundamental shift in logic and what that means for you personally no matter what role you play.
  • The company that went from 12 layers of hierarchy down to three, adopting full transparency in the process.
  • The connection between surfing and world-view so critical to adapt to today’s conditions.
  • The relevance of ‘know thyself’.

Giles is a thought leader and adviser focused on helping leaders, change agents and organisations live and work with Nature. His work draws on the timeless wisdom of Nature, ancient wisdom traditions the world over, and 20 years business transformation experience, formerly with KPMG and more recently as Global Head of Sustainability with Atos. He is author of The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit.


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Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones

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