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Dawna talks to Stelio Verzera about LiquidO, an agile governance model championed by Cocoon Projects, a values-driven innovation company based in Italy.

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In 2013 Stelio Verzera won the Digital Freedom Challenge for his paper on Liquid Organisations. Since then, Cocoon Projects, a value driven innovation company located in Italy and co-founded by Stelio and nine others, has gone on to invent new ways of working.

Apart from abolishing job interviews, Cocoon has invented and worked with contribution accounting and a collaborative decision-making toolbox while creating greater value for contributors and clients.

In this podcast, Stelio talks about:

  • Why LiquidO and why now.
  • What contribution accounting is and how it strengthens peer-to-peer relationships.
  • How collaborative decision-making works.
  • How participatory governance works in practice.
  • What kinds of companies are investing in value driven innovation.
  • How value driven innovation calls forth a higher level of leadership in business owners and managers.
  • How self-organising activates the principle of ‘stigmergy’ where one action stimulates the performance of the next action through indirect coordination.

in their understanding and navigation of key evolutionary phases. His agile approach of continuous improvement has led him to learn and apply some of the most effective practices for surfing complexity, both on the strategic and on operational levels.

In 2011 he co-founded Cocoon Projects and designed its governance model, today known as LiquidO, in fact launching the first all-in, completely emergent, adaptive organisational framework for agile governance in Europe.


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