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Dawna Jones talks to Roberta Baskin, who heads up The Flourish Prizes at Case Western University, an initiative designed to inspire the current and next generation of business leaders to build a better world.

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Award-winning investigative journalist Roberta Baskin spent her career shining a light on corporate misconduct. Her underlying intent was to transform the way business operated in the world and make the case for higher standards of ethics and a greater regard for people and planet.

But constant bad news can wear you out, so after years of chasing the tough stories, Roberta joined Case Western University to head up The Flourish Prizes an initiative “to celebrate and catalyze radical innovation, as part of a global learning challenge… inspiring the current and next generation of business leaders to build a better world.”

Coordinating with the UNPRME (The Principles for Responsible Management Education) and the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, Roberta and her colleagues, with the help of sustainability students world-wide, have been tracking down stories of companies, individuals and inventors who have opted to do things differently for the greater benefit of the world.

In her conversation with Dawna Jones you’ll learn:

  • About a company turning tapioca into biodegradable plastic bags
  • About an eco-tourism hotel acting on an ‘innovations from the heart’
  • What the Flourish Prizes aim to do and how you can be involved
  • How passionate media specialists are working to change media’s role in making a better world

Listen in to Roberta’s conversation with Dawna then head over to the site to find out more and to participate.

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