Scarcity and resource intelligence

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Resource scarcity is no longer an abstract ‘green’ concept. As Dawna Jones finds out from Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva,, for many businesses, scarcity is an unwelcome reality that needs to become a primary strategic consideration.

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Resource scarcity is no longer an abstract ‘green’ concept. For many businesses, it is an unwelcome reality. Contrary to the long-standing belief that air, water, soil and other technologies nature provides are infinite and therefore don’t impact the bottom-line, it’s been obvious for some time that they matter. So far from being eco-nuts pushing a political agenda, companies that value the resources they use and keep an eye on the long term are now profiting from a radical shift in perspective.

Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva, author of Overfished Ocean Strategy: Powering Up Innovation for Resource-Deprived World, explains the shift required to seize the evolutionary advantage and why businesses need to make resource scarcity their primary strategic consideration.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

  • How one company has eliminated the costs of its raw materials to zero;
  • Why food isn’t what it used to be despite appearances;
  • How Puma has chosen to be resource intelligent;
  • The shift required to in business leadership to move toward restoring ecological services so that all may benefit.

Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva is a business owner, author and educator working at the intersection of innovation, leadership, and sustainable growth. She oversees a group of companies active in real estate, investment and consulting.

Until April 2014, Nadya also served as the Coca-Cola Chaired Professor of Sustainable Development at IEDC- Bled School of Management in Slovenia, where she continues to teach courses in leadership, strategy, change management, design thinking and sustainability. She also serves as Vice-President of Challenge:Future, a global student think-DO-tank and innovation competition.

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