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Mar 11 2015 by Dawna Jones Print This

Dawna Jones talks to systems change specialist, Al Blixt, about the forces that work against innovation in higher education and how business schools can better prepare students for an increasingly unpredictable world.

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Can business schools change fast enough? Beyond the predictability of academic life, the world is a volatile and unpredictable place and most business schools are failing to reflect this in their teaching programmes.

Systems change specialist Al Blixt talks to Dawna Jones about the forces that work for and against innovation in higher education and how business schools can better prepare students for the real world. In this podcast they discuss:

  • How the rewards systems hold the status quo in place;
  • The bold leadership required to experimentally innovate without aggravating faculty;
  • The way universities and business schools can innovate by providing an interdisciplinary experience.
  • Why the learning experience must take place beyond the four walls.
  • How students can take development of today’s competencies, such as cultural intelligence, into their own hands.

Albert Blixt is a founder and Managing Partner of New Campus Dynamics and an expert on designing and implementing rapid strategic change in complex organizations. Developer of the Whole-Scale Change methodology, he has worked with Fortune 500 firms, state and federal agencies, nonprofits and with many organizations in secondary and higher education, so he understands organizational culture and the intricacies of change and innovation.

He is also the co-author of Whole-Scale Change - Unleashing the Magic in Organizations, The Whole-Scale Toolkit and Navigating in a Sea of Change.

Evolutionary Provocateur

Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones

The Evolutionary Provocateur bi-monthly show is for executives, managers, and supervisors (OR for leaders at all levels) who have noticed that it is not what you know but who you are that has the biggest impact.

Dawna Jones, the show's host, believes that by raising awareness and understanding we can make a quantum leap to a new level of innovation in business - but it has to be done collectively.

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