The death of command and control


Mass collaboration and social networks are profoundly changing how executives perform their roles. But they also spell and end to traditional hierarchies and command and control management.

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While external forces are raising sea levels, mass collaboration and social networks of performance are changing how executives perform their role.

But what does this all mean to the executive who defines their effectiveness by their ability to control, command and direct?

Rod Collins, former Chief Operating Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield, tells Dawna that executives are at a tipping point where to maintain any kind of agility requires replacing command and control with facilitating, enabling and supporting performance. But what does this mean to the average executive?

What are the consequences of holding onto control? The image of trying to direct performance while standing in front of a fire hose comes to mind. The benefit of making the change, while messy and uncomfortable at first, gets better with practice says Rod. Besides, you sleep better at night.


Evolutionary Provocateur

Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones

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