Social responsibility in the mining sector

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Dawna Jones talks to mining expert, Dr Ian Thomson, about how you can tell companies who are really acting responsibly from those who are just talking about it.

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When geologist and mining expert, Dr Ian Thomson, realized that the company he worked for had created the conflict they'd become embroiled in, it kicked off a steep learning curve about what environmental and social responsibility really is.

In this discussion, Dawna and Ian talk about how you can tell companies who are really doing acting responsibly from those who are just talking about it still practising a 'take what you want and run' approach.

They also talk about how to manage your management style by observing what the pattern of negotiation is. Do you value harmony over conflict? Will you avoid conflict? There is a level of sophistication required to realize notice the pattern of negotiation and know what to do about it.

Dr. Ian Thomson has a lifetime of experience in the resource industry, working for the last fifteen years to advance the management of social issues. He has led development of standards and guidelines for the management of social issues during mineral exploration programs, facilitated construction of the PDAC Principles and Guidance for Responsible Exploration, and is a prime mover in developing metrics for the Social License to Operate.

Ian is a founding member and principal of On Common Ground Consultants Inc. Prior to founding On Common Ground, he held positions with Orvana Mineral Corp, Placer Development and Barringer Research.


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