Business wargaming


Business wargaming helps organisations to optimise their planning procedures and ensure their goals are achieved. Find out how to go about it, why you should give it a go and what you can learn from it.

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Chris Paton is a strategy expert & the UK's leading business wargaming exponent. A former Royal Marine officer, he now helps organisations and individuals to optimise their planning procedures to ensure that their goals are achieved.

In an organisational context, war games ‘stress test’ plans to identify potential risks and opportunities. The process not only improves planning, it also improves communication between the various stakeholders.

Wargaming is particularly effective at helping organisations understand risks and issues that they may or may not have foreseen and assess how significant these are. In that sense it provides foresight - identifying what issues will need to be monitored in future and what decisions will need to be made moving forward.

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