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This month, Dawna talks to Diederick Janse, a young entrepreneur who went against prevailing thinking when he started a consulting company for start-ups focused on conscious business right after graduation.

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What happens when you realise that most of the things that people have tried and most of what they think is true no longer fit reality?

Diederick Janse is a young entrepreneur who went against prevailing thinking when he started his consulting business right after graduation. His was following an intuitive sense that exploring possibilities was more interesting than being "normal". Together with other friends whose thinking went against the predictable flow, he formed, a consulting company for start-ups focused on conscious business.

Dawna talked to Diederick HUB Amsterdam about how he navigates the world of business, the relevance to today's reality of what they teach in university, the potential for SME business, the tricky choice graduates have when considering their direction and the role of inner knowing in decision making. They look at how young people can follow their higher calling in work by following their intuition to restore the glory of work. Diederick Janse's expertise centers on organization development. As a consultant, he quickly surfaces the core issues, and asks the kind of questions that are needed to create clarity and focus. He combines integrity, curiosity and design skills to help start-ups and fast growing companies scale up their business without losing passion and focus. Diederick is also co-founder of Waking Up the Workplace and currently serves as its content director.


Evolutionary Provocateur

Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones

The Evolutionary Provocateur bi-monthly show is for executives, managers, and supervisors (OR for leaders at all levels) who have noticed that it is not what you know but who you are that has the biggest impact.

Dawna Jones, the show's host, believes that by raising awareness and understanding we can make a quantum leap to a new level of innovation in business - but it has to be done collectively.

What better way to do it than by provoking the evolution of how you see yourself and your role!

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