Energy resiliency: when demand exceeds supply


Our demand for energy will soon exceed supply. Dawna Jones discusses how we can meet this insatiable appetite with Dr John MacDonald, CEO of Day4Energy, who argues that the time to prepare for an interruption to the supply is now.

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We take the supply of energy for granted. But demand for energy will soon exceed supply unless we start doing what nature does and prepare for the unexpected through diversity and interconnectivity. Only this way can we handle humanity's insatiable appetite for power.

Dr John MacDonald, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Day4Energy, thought he'd retire after leaving his aerospace company, MDA, but what he saw from space inspired him to raise awareness of the need to wean ourselves off a dependency on petroleum by incorporating other energy sources.

His calculations suggest that the time to prepare for an interruption to the supply is now and the imperative is economic. Learn how he came to that conclusion and what it means for us all.

Dr John MacDonald is known as a visionary and entrepreneur in the space technology and renewable energy industry. Prior to helping establish Day4 Energy in 2001, he co-founded MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), Canada's largest space technology company. In his role with MDA he played an instrumental part in many of the organization's highest achievements, including the RADARSAT-2 spacecraft. Prior to MDA, Dr MacDonald held a faculty position in engineering at UBC and MIT for a total of 12 years.

Dr MacDonald currently serves on multiple boards including the Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) and the large-scale Photovoltaic Power Systems Task 8 of the International Energy Agency in Paris. He also speaks on the economics of energy to ensure businesses and Nations are not caught unprepared for new realities.


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