3D Thoughts for May 23


Andy's 3D Thoughts are a short, sharp, bunch of ideas, thoughts and recommendations to start your week from Management-Issues columnist and business competitiveness guru, Andy Hanselman.

Despite the predictions, the world didn't end at the weekend. So here are your three ideas in less than three minutes to help you face this new week with passion and vigour. This week the ideas focus on improving your marketing, differentiating yourself against your competitors and a unique way to motivate your people.

Every week, Andy spends three minutes helping you develop your '3D' approach to finding, attracting and keeping customers! That means being 'Dramatically and Demonstrably Different' in this ever more competitive world.

Each short audio contains simple, practical things for you to Discover, Delve into, Discuss, Download, Develop and Do - all aimed at helping you improve your sales and marketing, your customer care, your competitiveness and your business performance.

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