Innovation and rock n'roll

Evolutionary Provocateur | 15 Dec 2015

Dawna Jones talks to Peter Cook, a musician, scientist and business consultant who draws from his eclectic background to help companies to adopt an intelligent approach to innovation.

Going beyond shareholder value

Evolutionary Provocateur | 10 Nov 2015

B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Founder Bart Houlahan talks to Dawna Jones about their mission.

Encouraging change in business schools

Evolutionary Provocateur | 09 Oct 2015

What happens when business schools are less progressive than the companies hiring their graduates? The Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) aims to close that gap.

Redesigning the future of work

Evolutionary Provocateur | 21 Sep 2015

Redesigning the future of work is not a casual endeavor. So why are companies so interested in exploring better ways of organizing work - and what direction are they moving in?

Moving beyond profit

Evolutionary Provocateur | 07 Aug 2015

Dawna Jones talks to Roberta Baskin, who heads up The Flourish Prizes at Case Western University, an initiative designed to inspire the current and next generation of business leaders to build a better world.

Sustainability and business education

Evolutionary Provocateur | 23 Jun 2015

Dawna talks to Wendy Chapple, deputy director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University Business School, about a different approach to executive education and why the school has launched an MSc in sustainability.

Putting the heart back into business

Evolutionary Provocateur | 04 Jun 2015

Andrew Thornton, owner of a community supermarket in London, talk to Dawna Jones about putting the heart back into business and how to be a different kind of business leader.

Can a product be a force for change?

Evolutionary Provocateur | 11 May 2015

Dawna Jones talk to Will Lauder, founder of Kapuluan Coconut, a social enterprise that works in the Philippines is to improve the well-being of impoverished rural communities through an artisanal product.

Scarcity and resource intelligence

Evolutionary Provocateur | 01 Apr 2015

Resource scarcity is no longer an abstract ‘green’ concept. As Dawna Jones finds out from Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva,, for many businesses, scarcity is an unwelcome reality that needs to become a primary strategic consideration.

Three ideas for March 16

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 16 Mar 2015

This week, a great example of making innovation work from a forward-thinking company, plus evidence of the power of negative customer reviews and a quick test of your memory.

Modernizing the MBA

Evolutionary Provocateur | 11 Mar 2015

Dawna Jones talks to systems change specialist, Al Blixt, about the forces that work against innovation in higher education and how business schools can better prepare students for an increasingly unpredictable world.

Letting go of control

Evolutionary Provocateur | 05 Jan 2015

Hear about leadership based on credibility and trust rather than 'yell and tell'.

Three ideas for Dec 15

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 15 Dec 2014

What is your attitude to mistakes in your business? Facebook's approach is just one of this week's ideas. There's also a great example of customer delight from Air Canada and some statistics about the benefits of all this 'delight'.

Hacking human performance

Evolutionary Provocateur | 24 Nov 2014

Best-selling author Steven Kotler discusses the power of ‘flow’.

Three ideas for Nov 10

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 10 Nov 2014

Do you know what percentage of customers will pay more and spend more as a result of great customer service? The answer is one of this week's 3D iDeas.

Wicked problems and the price of fish

Evolutionary Provocateur | 10 Oct 2014

Exploring choice, economics, systems and evolution with economist Professor Michael Mainelli.

Three ideas for Oct 7

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 07 Oct 2014

This week, who does Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt turn to for advice? It isn’t who you think. Plus some ideas on customer delight (from a school no less!) and why two dissatisfied customers gave a $100 tip..

Three ideas for Sept 22

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 22 Sep 2014

This week, an amazing statistic. Every minute, 204 million emails get sent - and that’s just one of the things that’s happens in an internet minute. Find out more on this week’s 3D Podcast.

Cultivating conversational intelligence

Evolutionary Provocateur | 15 Sep 2014

We’ve all heard of emotional intelligence, but what about conversational intelligence? How can leaders use conversation to activate higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy and good judgment?

Three ideas for Sept 8

Andy's 3D Thoughts | 08 Sep 2014

This week, advice from Richard Branson, how the way you answer the phone impacts customer loyalty and a lesson in customer service during a hunt for Yorkshire puddings.