Why the recession will last into retirement

26 Jun 2009 | Nic Paton

The legacy of the current recession will be felt for years to come in the pensions' crisis it is storing up, leaving many of us with a far less comfortable retirement than we had hoped for.

Prudence or plain stupidity?

20 May 2009 | Derek Torres

Americans are a resilient bunch.You can tell them that their workplace savings scheme (401k) is sinking like the Titanic, but they'll still throw money at it.

Will bitter 70-year-olds become a common sight in the office?

19 Nov 2008 | Nic Paton

Twenty years from now the workplace could be clogged up with a generation of embittered older workers who cannot afford to retire yet resent being told what to do.

A darker future

13 Oct 2008 | Derek Torres

Just in case some of you weren't worried enough about your jobs, did you happen to hear that in the US, workplace retirement plans have taken a hit to the tune of $2 trillion dollars?

Paying the bills puts pension saving on hold

02 Oct 2008 | Nic Paton

Americans are cutting what they put into their pensions, or even stopping funding their retirement altogether, as they struggle to keep their heads above water financially.

Old age (but not retirement) starts at 75

02 Sep 2008 | Nic Paton

Most American now feel old age begins at 75. But that doesn't mean that they're at all keen to graft away in full-time work for an extra decade.

Toughing it out

19 Aug 2008 | Derek Torres

I was quite surprised to happen upon an article last week that claims that American workers are continuing to fund their workplace savings plans, despite the market volatility.

Phased retirement staves off talent exodus

01 Aug 2008 | Nic Paton

Faced with the mass exodus of baby-boomers, American employers are increasingly turning to phased retirement programs to keep workers on board for as long as possible.

Pensions on the decline as a top-level perk

31 Jul 2008 | Nic Paton

Rising costs are encouraging employers to look at alternatives to gold-plated pensions when it comes to attracting and retaining senior executives.

Downturn hits the U.S. elite

08 May 2008 | Nic Paton

Even wealthy Americans are being hit by the downturn, with the country's elite becoming increasingly concerned about their financial health and their retirement prospects.

Americans raiding pensions to make ends meet

30 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

More evidence has emerged that Americans are storing up financial problems for the future, with a quarter raiding their pension pots just to make ends meet.

Gen X faces retirement perfect storm

16 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

Fewer than a third of Generation X are confident they will ever be able to retire and stop work completely, with most worried about supporting aging relatives and debt-laden children.

Recession could lead to retirement catastrophe

10 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

The looming recession is forcing Americans to put their retirement saving on hold, raising the prospect of a pensions' catastrophe in decades to come.

U.S retirement crisis just got worse

03 Mar 2008 | Nic Paton

When times are hard it's all too easy for retirement saving to drop down the priority list - which is exactly what is happening in America.

The ageing of the American workplace

19 Feb 2008 | Derek Torres

Change is slowly taking over the workplace in ways that many people probably see but not notice. One such example is the ageing American workplace.

Fifth of UK workers forced to retire early

18 Feb 2008 | Nic Paton

A fifth of British workers complain they have been pressured by their managers to take early retirement when they would much rather have carried on working.

Retirement woes go global

16 Nov 2007 | Brian Amble

Across the industrialized world, hundreds of millions of Baby Boomers who are approaching retirement are growing increasingly concerned about their financial security.

Rid us of this pensions millstone, say UK firms

19 Oct 2007 | Nic Paton

British companies are not just closing their final salary pension schemes to new employees. Many now want what has become a financial millstone off their balance sheets all together.

Pensions double whammy for British workers

13 Sep 2007 | Nic Paton

Bad management of defined contribution pensions by British employers risks leaving workers 70 per cent worse off in retirement than they should be.

Pensioned off?

05 Sep 2007 | Bryan Alaspa

Thinking about retiring soon? If you're working in Europe, you may need to rethink your plans. Because while we Americans often think that Europeans have a pension system that would make most other countries drool, the reality is anything but sweet.