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Patricia Soldati

Patricia Soldati

Patricia Soldati is a former President & COO of a national finance organization who re-invented her working life in 1998. As a career fulfillment specialist, she helps corporate professionals enhance their working lives – both within the organization – and by leaving it behind.


Don't think it can't happen to you

16 Sep 2008

Don't think it can't happen to you. The collapse of Lehman Brothers provides a sharp reminder that nobody is immune from being laid off, downsized or restructured. So here are 10 smart ways you can get ahead of this corporate curve ball

The invisible rules of success

15 Jun 2007

High-flyers seem to intuitively understand how to gain access and how to enhance and sustain their leadership positions. They're aware of the hidden truths that fast-trackers have used for ages, rules which, if used correctly, can rock your professional world.

Why a best-fit career can be so elusive

30 Apr 2007

It's often suggested that knowing what it is that drives your values, work preferences and passions will automatically lead to exciting, viable work possibilities. But as anyone who has struggled with changing their career direction can tell you, this is not the case.

A career management poster child

14 Apr 2007

In spite of daily evidence of its wisdom, pro-active career management is still rare. It is easier to take the path of least resistance and hope for the best. But there is a compelling ROI for always being ready.

Employee engagement: What exactly is it?

08 Mar 2007

The notion of employee engagement is causing a big buzz in management circles at the moment. It's a topic that employers and employees alike think they understand, yet often can't articulate very easily. So what exactly is it?

When reality bites, bite back

05 Feb 2007

So you want a career change and you want to pay your bills and operate in the real world without living hand to mouth. You want work you care about and the capacity to earn a good living. Here's how to achieve it.

Five steps to reinvent yourself

09 Jan 2007

For most of us, making significant career change doesn't just happen, it emerges as a result of thoughtful work executed in a meaningful sequence.

Stand apart with a personal brand

29 Dec 2006

Imagine you have a reputation so strong - and convey it so well – that rather than look for new opportunities, the marketplace comes to you. In our new world of work, your reputation, or personal brand, is the currency that sets you apart.

How to nail your transition job search

29 Nov 2006

Let's be honest here. Job hunting is about as enticing as going to the dentist. And for career-changers, it is even worse. How do you convey why you spent 10 or 20 years doing one thing and are now intent on doing another?

The allure of scarcity

23 Oct 2006

Buddhist poet, Thich Nhat Hanh once wrote: 'People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.' Now if that doesn't describe lot of other corporate professionals, I don't know what does.

Inspire yourself: craft a work-life vision

25 Sep 2006

If you want to do more than just dream about having a completely different type of life, you need to start with a well-crafted vision that brings your dream into focus and under your control. Something like this . . .

Beliefs that hold you back

29 Aug 2006

Have you noticed that people who believe that they can do something tend to succeed, and those who believe they can't, tend to fail? Whether you realize it or not, you hold many beliefs about your working life. Some of these will have served you well. But others have been holding you back.

Finding purpose: don't let it get you down

04 Jun 2006

We workers are getting another kick in the pants. As if managing our lives and careers weren't challenging enough, we now have one more mountain to climb: finding our life purpose.

Finding an organisation worth working for

05 May 2006

Hidden behind the endless talk of organisational values are profit-driven, high-pressure labour camps trading paychecks - and diminishing perks – for your soul. All of which means that uncovering a company's corporate culture is a critical task for today's job searcher. As important as the job itself.

Crafting your resume? it's all about image

27 Mar 2006

Your resume needs to be much more than your work history. Every title, phrase and verb you use causes a potential employer to make assumptions about you that either detract from, or add to, your image.

Sad truth: career changers live in hope

01 Feb 2006

There is a clear distinction between 'wanting' something and 'being ready' to do the work to achieve it. Unfortunately, this applies to many new career seekers. Let this be your call to action!

Get ahead of the corporate curve (ball)

09 Jan 2006

Business life is full of stresses and none carries a bigger whammy than being laid off. Downsized. Rightsized. Restructured. It doesn't matter what it's called - it's all the same sting if you are on the receiving end of the pink slip.

How valuable are career assessments?

09 Dec 2005

Career Assessments may not reveal startling secrets…but they are worth every penny spent. They help you tap into, and articulate, work that is most authentic and meaningful to you.

The confident seeker

11 Nov 2005

Self-confidence can make or break a job or career search. With it, you trust your own abilities and have a general sense of control in your life. Without it, you're frustrated and stuck – until you learn that having – and keeping it – is really within your own control.

Square peg, round hole?

21 Oct 2005

Does your natural work style fit into the culture you work in? If so, your career will thrive; if not, career fulfilment is likely to remain an unattainable dream.

Transitions: the old, the new and the bridge in-between

05 Oct 2005

Professional transitions come in many flavours – downsizing, promotion, career change – but underneath it all, the same dynamics are at work.

Does your desire for change itch or burn?

02 Sep 2005

All of us have career itches at one time or another. But that's a very different thing from career burn, when making a career change is not an option – it's a requirement.

A sane, satisfying working life?

29 Aug 2005

As a corporate professional, you pay dearly for your paycheck and perks – you pay with your soul. Here's a look at the underlying forces that cause you to settle for this relentless grind – and seven straightforward steps to craft a better working life.

Professional discretion - or boorish behaviour?

23 Aug 2005

This is a true story about an event that occurred in July, 2005 in a major city in the northeastern United States. The names have been changed for privacy purposes. Was this a wise managerial call - or an indication of the challenges that continue to confront professional women?