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Some days, the world doesnt quite pan out as we may expect or hope. The day may start out fine, but a person with an unpardonable amount of misplaced power gets in there and screws things up. We know were doing things right, the best way for the people and the organization. But things like that dont matter to the person who wants to look good to a very small group of bosses. That person is your boss.

My first question re: my own motivational reasons for doing the things I do has to do with money, but not quite the usual way of thinking about it. If its my desire to make money, then Im doing this job for the wrong reasons. But, if the job makes money, and its something I want to do, then Im doing my work for the right reasons, even if things dont always turn out the way I would hope or expect. Sometimes, Ill admit, I dont know everything going on in the world around me. And, Ill also admit, sometimes our bosses dont always know everything going on in the world around them.

So, the things to keep in mind while thinking about our jobs are many. Im going to hit a list, here, of some of the more important things, to me, that make my job worthwhile, even with people who sometimes tear down my motivation.

Some of those important things that make my job great are

  1. Be good at what I do.
  2. Be great at how I approach others.
  3. Showcase my best personality (all the time).
  4. Give what others dont have.
  5. Serve myself by serving others.
  6. Release my frustrations to the universe.
  7. Operate by example.
  8. Think! (Rote is bad).
  9. Communicate.
  10. Knowledge is not necessarily power.
  11. Realize my bosses are there to support me.
  12. Educate myself.
  13. Be professional in how I feel out the needs of others.
  14. Be visible.
  15. Be available.
  16. Dont micro-manage.
  17. Let people do their jobs.
  18. Stress there are no wrong answers.

And I also enjoy my freedoms from:

  1. Control
  2. Fear
  3. Imminent disaster
  4. Blame
  5. That darn anvil wanting to crush me
  6. Bad spirits
  7. Stupid moves
  8. Wrong focus
  9. Time control
  10. Thought control
  11. Image control
  12. Expression control
  13. Creative control

Through all this, I have to remember - and say aloud if necessary: I am an expert! I am a professional! I am the best in the business! I will overcome! No one controls me!

All this requires me to motivate others to perform in their own impossible situations. We can make it through the days, weeks, months and years. But, if a job gets really depressing, its time to look for work elsewhere. I know that can be frustrating. There was a time in my life, several decades ago, I looked elsewhere. Luckily, none of those else-wheres (possibly hundreds) turned into anything. Instead, I miraculously landed in my current spot because of a person who followed all these guidance indicators noted above. She saw me where I was and wanted to offer work to me

You are in control

Dont let the work (the job) overwhelm you. No reason for you to be overwhelmed because when you are you become worthless in your job. I know, that sounds overwhelming, even makes you feel, well, worthless, but its true. Your effectiveness begins to fail. Youre no longer visible. You fall out of like with co-workers and, more importantly, with your outside work friends and family. When your job takes over your thinking, your life becomes uni-focused, heading in a downward spiral. That path may seem good at first, for a few years, possibly, but overall, it destroys you as a human.

OK, Im done looking at the bad things in life! My life will be spent doing and thinking good things. That positive way of thinking almost sounds like a situational comedy, like the guy who is so encouraging while everyone else is in the dumps. Oh, well, if I have a choice, Ill take that positive route. The choice is mine!

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Duane Dike

Duane Dike is the manager of creative production for a large entertainment company in Southern California. He has a doctorate in management and organizational leadership and an MBA in management. He is a popular guest speaker for education and management groups on subjects related to innovation, leadership and thinking.