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In case you havenít noticed, itís almost Christmas again. Iíve seen quite a few of these special days over my years. Some were great, others were so-so, and still others Iíd prefer to never remember! But, overall, they were pleasant days forming memories of the more pleasant happenings.

Last year I celebrated Christmas in Limerick, Ireland. Lots of street activities in that coldest of cold cities (cold for us California residents, at least). But, even with the chill, I formed new memories of the good times. And, most of those times were really good. We shopped, walked, sang (kind of), attended concerts, and overall, goofed around.

So, what does that mean to me? It means that we canít stick ourselves in a daily grind. We have to go out and do new things to experience the good in the world. Christmas in Ireland was a totally different experience than in the states. Well, maybe not all that different, but different enough to change my feelings. The best part is the four of us (spouse, daughter, son) all met in Limerick coming from different places, a miracle of travel. (The son even received a police escort!!)

Frankly, I believe we could have experienced those memorable feelings visiting almost any city or even other parts of my city (the Los Angeles basin). Change is the basis of things new. If you do the same thing the same way on the same time schedule for too long, you turn into a lug. I know, those sound like fightiní words, but theyíre true. If you work all day then go home in the evening and plop yourself in front of the TV every single night, youíve essentially wasted your life.

Research on change has revealed thousands of examples of things getting better because of things done a little differently. For example, go to work one day in a new shirt/top and think about how that shirt/top changed your ways. Iím not talking about any top, but something really different. (Shall I say, ďCool?Ē) Think about your effect on people with your new clothes. Iíll bet others will even compliment you on your fancy duds. The change of one shirt has made you, at least for one day, different, possibly even popular.

So what Iím saying is that change should be inevitable. Changing my ways around Christmas makes the day that much more memorable. Change helps us to think differently, remembering the good and putting the bad memories to the side. Iím not suggesting we forget the bad, but too many bad things can overtake your life.

It all comes down to butterflies in South America innocently flapping their wings but causing tornadoes in Kansas. A little change can make our world that much better (well, except for those tornadoes).

Thanks for listening.

ďChange is the end result of all true learning.Ē Leo Buscaglia

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