Doing something different does not mean giving up

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Welcome to 2013. Unlucky for some? Or with a little bit of focus the start of something amazing?

Whilst rumours of economic recovery abound and fiscal cliffs have been narrowly avoided, we aren't home and dry as yet. Even if things are improving history has shown that there is actually an increase in corporate failures as we exit a recession.

In other words, more problems are likely to arise. More businesses are likely to fail. And your job in 2013 is to make sure that you come out on top.

And to do that, you have to be prepared to be flexible. To react and move, no matter what life throws at you. Treat problems, no matter how big, as something to be dealt with rather than something to complain about.

Contrary to popular belief, "Survival of the Fittest" is not about the strongest and the healthiest coming first, but about the one that is most 'Fit for Purpose'. When the environment changes, you have to change with it and the one that adapts quickest will be the one that profits.

If you're experiencing business struggles, or even anticipating them for 2013, think about the options available to. How can you adapt? There are always options open to you, regardless of what you think the situation is.

Step back and look at the big picture or gain the opinion of another person to discover your route to becoming "Fit for Purpose".

It is often said that if we keep doing the same things, we get the same outcomes.

Consequently, if you are heading in the wrong direction, then you have to make a change. Change is a scary thought for most, but if you think of it as adapting and focusing instead it's amazing where your clarity will come from.

Remember that hard work is not necessarily good work and try not to succumb to distractions. Know what is important to you and what you are prepared to sacrifice. Knowing what is important to you will allow you to choose where to allocate your resources and focus effectively.

Try to hold-off the those frustrations and anger, you have the power to control your emotions, getting angry or frustrated is a waste of time and energy and you will run the risk of raising barriers or burning bridges to people who can help and support you. Keep coming back to that bigger picture, gain that all important perspective; you will need it to adapt.

In my own experience from working with company directors who have experienced the very worst in business, all felt that choices and options were not available to them. Most felt they were in an uncontrollable situation and most felt advice and support was not there for them.

The overriding feedback I receive once they had come out the other side is never give up. All directors agreed that in hindsight if they had just opened their minds and not focused on insignificant issues they would have spotted the choices and opportunities available to them sooner.

My advice to you is don't worry if you don't see it yet, just accept that there are options to be discovered out there somewhere and be open to looking for them. Once your mindset moves to seeing something as possible, then you can start searching for the solutions.

You might have to change your actions or the way you look at things. Maybe even backtrack a few stages. But the path to success is out there. The countless company directors I have worked with discovered that being clear about where they were heading presented them with an infinite number of paths to get them there.

No matter which path you go down, or dead end you meet, the message is don't give up.

So, appreciate any good fortune you do get in 2013, but know that you don't need it in order to succeed.

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Andrew R Miller
Andrew R Miller

Andrew R Miller has over 16 years experience working in insolvency and turnaround for one of the big four global accountancy firms, including a period spent in the insolvency unit of a high street bank. He is a qualified chartered accountant and business coach and author of Hope won't pay the wages.