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The idea for these ten tips came about when someone from Romania emailed me about the challenges of taking the spiritual path seriously, whilst at the same time having to juggle a full-time career.

He also bemoaned the fact that most people who make enough money to stop working, don't take advantage of this opportunity, and that if he had enough money that he would meditate, spend time in nature and focus on what was really important to him his self-development as a spiritual being.

I'm sure many of us wish we had more time to focus on our spiritual journeys including spiritual teachers, healers and therapists who also have the pressure of paying for food and keeping a roof over their heads.

But for those of us who work full-time in the mainstream business environment, dealing with the challenges of the working day actually offers a great playground and outlet for developing our spiritual selves and for sharing our light with others.

1. Use stress at work to practice your fear processing tools. Traffic during the commute, client stress, deadlines, unexpected glitches and dealing with work mates can all provide an excellent opportunity to practice processing fear and anxiety and to maintain our vibrations at the highest level despite the challenges.

2. Imbue emails you send to colleagues, clients and contacts with loving intent. Send these vibrations down the phone as well visualising a colour works well for me. I was once interviewed for a management magazine and gave this as an active example of how we bring spirituality into the workplace at our agency. It also puts an interesting spin on the concept of client service!

3. Practice protection. If you don't want to put a crystal on your desk in case people think you are odd, wear one around your neck or put it in your pocket. Black tourmaline, for example, is a good one for neutralising negativity. Plants and flowers also help to maintain the integrity of the space around your desk. Or, use a quick squirt of space clearing spray every morning. If someone is being a bully or acting aggressively towards you, try mirroring their bad vibes directly back to them - this is a really good technique to practice

4. Up the vibration. Put you i-pod or headphones on and run mantras or spiritual music in the background when you are writing reports, drafting emails etc or repeat little prayers or intentions throughout the day. Also, ask the angels as often as is needed for help in getting your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get home and have time to focus on your other spiritual practice.

5. Take little mini meditation breaks during the day. This can be even quicker than a coffee break. Just download a meditation track (here's one I particularly like from YouTube). It only takes five minutes and is really refreshing. If you use a head-set, those around you will be none the wiser what you're listening to.

6. Use intuition whenever you can to hone your sensitivity. Actively use intuition as part of your decision making process. Learn to become sensitive to hidden signals. Which client will ring me next? Of the three things that are urgent on my To Do list which one should I start with? Is this a good time for me to ring this journalist or client or is it best to wait until tomorrow? Practice makes perfect as they say.

7. Take advantage of spiritual skills to do your job better. You could even try learning how to dowse for new business opportunities and guage which potential new clients have a good, positive vibration that resonates with your own. Not necessarily a tactic to be shared with the head of sales and marketing... But if it proves to be a real success - they'll be lining up for lessons!

8. Embrace the opportunity to change the system from the inside. People with strong spiritual agendas and full-time careers in the mainstream workforce are starting to recognise that they can help to create change and have probably already been doing so without realising it. Use everything you have achieved and the skills you have learned over the years to this end. Identify and connect with others in your network who are doing the same.

9. Take a risk and expose your spiritual self where you can. Recently, I thought I had perhaps overstepped the mark when I told the section editor of a national newspaper that I had dowsed the vibrational energy of other news site and that theirs was the best. That said, she then accepted an opinion piece on the need for leaders to understand nature better if they are to embed sustainability in business. So being myself worked!

10. Use your salaries to help fund spiritual learning. If I had not had a successful career, there's no way I would have been able to pay for years of workshops, therapies, herbal products, crystals, flower essences etc. So take advantage of the fact you are earning and set budget aside from the monthly paycheck to seek out the best teachers and practitioners. Or, if you run your own business put money into good deeds and charitable causes. We plant 15 trees each month to offset the unavoidable use of paper.


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Nicola Hunt

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