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It's a sad fact that far more of us fantasize about inner peace than actually get to experience it. Most of us seem to live our lives caught up in some flavor of inner conflict, agitation, upset or stress.

Consider some facts.

One in four Americans feels somewhat "angry all the time." Around a third of women have negative thoughts about their body up to five times a day. At least a third (and it's growing) of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Four out of 10 workers say that their job is very or extremely stressful. Half of all Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives. Almost 19 million American adults suffer from depression during any one-year period. Meanwhile, a quarter say they have no one with whom to discuss personal troubles.

What Is Inner Peace?
For many of us, the notion of actually connecting with inner peace sounds distant, unattainable and impossible - something others can perhaps experience, but "not me".

The reality is that inner peace is attainable by everyone - and it already exists in each of us. However, many folks never choose to take the time to enter inside to explore their core or experience the calm that inner peace brings.

Inner peace is what allows us to feel relaxed, at ease, focused, clear and "quiet" - even in the midst of high-pressure, stressful situations – anything from the inconsiderate and rude customer service representative to the driver who tailgates you or the spouse who annoys you with his/her idiosyncrasies.

Inner peace is not about not being reactive, or getting angry, acting out. But it is about freeing yourself from the clutches of stress and from the draw of external stimuli. It's about living life from a place of freedom, self-control, personal power, relaxation, emotional maturity, stability, and joy – all while accessing your intuitive powers and higher consciousness so you can live life from a deeper, more meaningful place – a place from which everyday stress has no power over you.

Here are four resolutions you might consider if you choose to experience 2011 in a different, less stressful way than 2010.

Be open to the idea that your natural state of being is "at peace."
We were born in and from a place of inner peace. It's just that life got in the way. Our natural state of inner peace is always within us; it's always been here, always accessible. If you allow yourself to be open to this possibility, and then take the time to consciously let go and relax into your center, your core, you will find and experience this state of who you really are.

Recognize that you can feel inner peace in every moment
The state of inner peace does not depend on location, people, events, or circumstances. Inner peace is not a function of how stressful an event may be. It just is. Inner peace is always available, even under the most stressful or upsetting situations, regardless of where we are, what we're doing, what time it is, or who we're with.

Let go of the self-limiting beliefs, the negative self-images and self-sabotaging assumptions that get in the way of your experiencing a quiet mind, a peaceful heart and a relaxed body.
If you think you can or if you think you can't – you're right on both counts. If you feel you are lacking, deficient, or you cannot improve, cannot be happy, cannot be financially successful, cannot be in a satisfying and healthy relationship, cannot have meaningful work, etc....if this is what you think, then this is what your experience will be.

Release your self-limiting thoughts and you'll move into a place of inner peace unencumbered by the negativity that keeps you agitated, paralyzed, or unhappy.

Release your stress and anxiety.
Do the mental, emotional and physical work to release your stress and anxiety. Each time you let go of your stress and anxiety you will experience more of the mental, emotional and physical peace that is natural for you.

Letting go is a natural ability that we all have, but as we grow older forget how to use it, of if we do know, we seldom take the time and make the effort to let go. We allow ourselves to be distracted, to operate on automatic pilot and live life at 90 miles an hour ¬ taking us away from experiencing quietude and inner peace.

Resolving to experience inner peace on a consistent basis in 2011 will support you to master your life, achieve your goals, connect to your higher self and live peacefully in the present, in the moment, each and every day as you journey through the New Year - at work, at home and at play. Will you choose to make this resolution?

I sincerely wish you a prosperous, healthy, meaningful and purposeful 2011.

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Peter Vajda

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