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Most religions focus on ultimate truths. Most emphasise the negative and tell us what we should not do. But what about devising a religion that focuses not on sins that are to be avoided but on things that are to be done.

When we analyse a situation, we identify standard elements. Then we are able to understand the situation and decide what to do about it.

While it may be practised by individuals, Western thinking culture is lacking in design and creativity. While people in architecture, graphics and fashion all practise design, it is not part of general education - which is a serious flaw.

In my latest book 'H+ A New Religion?' (Vermilion Press), as the title suggests I design a new religion. It is a religion in the way that Buddhism is a religion. I do not propose a new god-system or other-world structure.

The religion is called H+ and can be used in conjunction with any existing religion or belief system: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and so on.

Many religions concentrate on 'sins' and the things that are prohibited. However, the law and existing religious systems take care of that in the modern world.

Therefore, H+ focuses on 'positive action'. So there aren't 'sins'; instead there are 'pons' (derived from 'positive sins'). These are small acts whose intention is to help others or to help the world.

Everyone sets a small target of pons to carry out every day, etc.

H+ stands for Humour, Happiness, Health, Help, Hope and Human.

No existing religion has an emphasis on humour. However, humour is a key aspect of life. Humour allows us to switch perceptions and see things in a different way, etc, etc.

New religions are traditionally revealed to chosen people in some mystical process. This is in stark contrast to design and creativity.

The parameters of design could be: simple to understand; simple to operate; satisfying; leading to increased self-esteem; leading to achievement; helpful to the world; helpful to other people; easy to spread.

Sitting in a corner with the right attitudes and not committing sins might not get you to heaven and, in itself, doesn't help the world very much.

There should be much more focus on action.

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Edward de Bono

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