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How many training courses/events have you been to? How often have you left feeling it was worthwhile and that you could put your new found skills to immediate and practical use?

Too often, by the time we get back to the day jobs, we have other priorities thrust upon us and it is too easy to let our initial enthusiasm slide, after all, "I have got this far without them. But don't you worry, I will use it soon..."

Yeah, right!

I think most of us have some experience of these failed opportunities and whilst we must accept some of the responsibility, some may also be laid at the feet of those who provide training.

What are the main reasons why we don't get the most out of our training packages? From our side of the training divide it is the four M's: Money, Motivation, Manipulation and Management?

Never select training solely upon the basis of cost, either for or against.

Never select training solely upon the basis of cost, either for or against
If training needs are assessed based on how much money is in the budget, then you are merely serving the budget. If you are considering a training course in the belief that these new skills alone, will improve your marketability, then, think again. I can guarantee there will always be someone else with better skills.

For training to be successful it must facilitate an immediate, positive change to my working environment. One that will be noticed by all and ensure my continued motivation.

However, we must first recognise what the needs of our working environment are. They are seldom purely technical in nature, even if that is deemed an expedient way of thinking.

We can be easily manipulated into taking training that we think we need or are told, we must have, either by local or external forces.

If you hear, "I have been told that all Solicitors need this training course." Think to yourself, how wonderful, that someone can develop a training course that is just what I need, without knowing anything about me.

Training by committee is unlikely to yield much in the way of a strong Return On Investment.

If I allow a management team to dictate a training schedule in isolation, then I am unlikely to feel that it is truly designed for my benefit and I will treat it with the same disregard; as a few days out of the office!

Whichever organisation is scheduling your next training events, make sure that they recognise the 4M's and have made efforts to counteract their effects. If they don't seem to care, why should you?

If you are prepared to settle for passive training you will get negative results.

You deserve better. Don't allow yourself or your employees' needs to be compromised through a lack of effort and understanding.

Don't settle for endless Training Daze.


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